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Deskera: Award-Winning Software to Automate Your Business

Enterprise resource planning is the frontrunner in serving efficiency and productivity solution to the companies all over the world. In today’s competitive global environment, it is important for companies of all sizes to have an ERP in place. Enterprise resource planning ensures that deployment of resources take place, and company can observe them on a real-time basis. A number of manufacturing businesses, steel, oil, automotive, textile and pharmaceutical companies have already applied ERP solutions, thus making ERP lead the whole lot of industries.
In this market race, a leading Cloud Software Company, Deskera, is distinctively famous for providing the business solutions for small and midsize businesses. Their solution drives small and midsize business growth and bridges the digital divide by providing them with access to new, high-quality technological assets. By eliminating the need for IT infrastructure, Deskera’s cloud-based software allows companies to focus on their time and resources in other growth areas like product development, marketing or sales.
Deskera is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in India, Malaysia and Indonesia along with a presence in the rest of South East Asia. At present, Deskera is enthusiastically growing in the United States. Their products with its Big Data backbone offer a much-required industry tool for inventing new solutions that cater huge customer base. Deskera’s strength is shaping their products to fit customers’ needs for businesses and industries of all sizes.
Within a short span of about eight years, Deskera has become a leading provider of cloud services that facilitate process automation. They aim to keep up the momentum of making businesses simpler, user-friendly and automated. With a customer-centric approach, Deskera helps enterprises and businesses to thrive.
A Dynamic Persona of Deskera
Plenty of people have a visionary mind, but there are few who decide to do something about their ideas now. Not tomorrow, but today. And that is the significance of Shashank Dixit, Cofounder, and CEO of Deskera, who built the company from the ground up listening to the needs of small business owners in his community.
Even as a student at IIT Kanpur, Shashank was always a passionate entrepreneur and he founded Deskera immediately after his graduation. It was ten years ago, before anyone understood the potential of the cloud; Shashank predicted the opportunities, the flexibility and the scalability that cloud technology could bring to small businesses in his area. He is one of the most driven individuals who bring a potent mix of vision, zeal, technical knowledge and business acumen to all his business dealings.
Top Notch Services with Innovative Serving Style
Deskera ERP is a blueprint for business processes. By having inventory capabilities built within ERP, Deskera offers more functionality than simple accounting software. In addition, they are assisting to ensure companies are following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Deskera ERP can benefit companies across a range of industries to capture, track and report on inventory.
They want to be the core to any business for everything surrounding accounting like human resources, project management, and customer relationship management. As Deskera was built to be used onsite, offsite, and on the go, the software has the look, format, and feel of an app that users quickly adapt to. In the Deskera ERP, they provide depth and simplicity, all while guiding users through standard accounting processes and practices.
The best feature within Deskera ERP is the financial reporting tool. It comes in very handy for analyzing enterprise income and expense. It accurately prepares the balance sheet and the general ledger, help to do away with the complicated and time-consuming paper-pen based financial recording. The simplicity and flexibility of the software allow them to get customers up and running within weeks or a few months, not years. They also use elements of Blockchain technology that helps Deskera process transactions incredibly fast. Where many ERPs take hours or a day to generate reports, their ERP can create reports almost instantly.
Stepping Towards Future
Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in the future of ERP. Artificial intelligence in ERP will help recognize not only changing trends, but also problem solving to manage those outlines in real time. By knowing this Deskera is researching and analyzing thousands of options for new inventory or machinery in the ERP such as availability, price, or accessibility.
They engage with their customers by seating them on Customer Advisory Boards that assist with product development. Right now they’re working with one of their Advisory Boards to take a deeper look at MRP product and how they can ensure that they’re meeting the needs of the manufacturing industry.
They are working on new features of the products based on feedback from their customers through programs like the Customer Advisory Board. Also they are working on a few exciting new partnerships and integrations as the company becomes a leader in cloud software across the globe.
Deskera loves to listen to the customers’ business needs. Their technology was erected to scale with the ability through new features based on the changing needs of growing businesses and industry evolution.
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