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Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting: A Renowned Global Provider of IT Consulting

Today, we can observe the speedy adoption of digitization in every sector. This vast digital transformation has demanded strong cloud infrastructure generally delivered and maintained by cloud service providers. The first phase of any cloud project is the same basic process, move the customer to the cloud from their existing on-premises hardware. After that is done, the maintenance of the cloud environment begins. This is where the cloud service providers can really shine, offering limited engagement or day-to-day maintenance of the environment.
Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC) is a highly decorated, cross-platform IT consulting firm providing services to Fortune 50, enterprises, and small business companies as well as non-profits to optimize, fix, and/or accelerate their IT environments across architecture, infrastructure, and network. Comprised entirely of Microsoft MVP’s and partners, and as a Managed Microsoft Partner, DCAC also provides specialized services in cloud migrations and maximizing the use of Microsoft products.
Architect behind DCAC
While Founder and CEO, Denny Cherry started DCAC due to his renowned talents with SQL Server, Denny’s goal was to refocus IT consulting services away from a singular platform or software. He decided instead to build a core group of elite consultants with the finest skills, ingenuity, talent, and drive to constantly adapt to ever-evolving IT hardware and software. The deft team of Microsoft MVP’s have a breadth and depth of core skills that allow them to face a wide variety of IT challenges, most notably cloud migration and scalability.
Denny’s contributions to the company cannot be underestimated. He serves not only as CEO and Consultant, but as a Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Sales, and historically as a Co-Lead Engineer alongside Principal, Joey D’Antoni.
An unusual and key component to Denny’s contributions is not only his adeptness in managing these many fronts but in the presentation. In an industry famous for “stereo instructions” level complexity coupled with the notorious expectation for engineers to be impassive, Denny’s warm and affable personality and his commitment to “teachable consulting” shines as a differentiator, both in presentations to management and in training a client’s staff. In addition to his skills with innovation, he has a definable knack for explaining complex technical subjects in layman terms thereby achieving not only the sale but universal adoption of a new environment.
DCAC’s Experiences
As for helping clients achieve business growth, a great example is the work that was done at AER Technologies. This automotive industry supplier had aging hardware and software at the advent of the recession, and the recession hit that industry particularly hard. By 2015, the company was experiencing daily crashes and did not have the CapEx money to revitalize both hardware and software, a situation that put their core business in jeopardy. DCAC came up with a solution that took the company entirely to Azure, with a compilation of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, sparing them the CapEx expense for either new hardware or software, and ensuring their IT environment would be impervious to market fluctuations. The solution was considered so innovative that the company was awarded Gold for Data Center Innovations at the Golden Bridge Awards.
Strategies for Success
A primary driver of DCAC’s success has been the recruitment of the finest consultants in the business. The company has elected to expand based on the opportunity to acquire amazing talent, rather than filling a job purely to say it is filled. DCAC identifies consultants that are not only the best at what they can do, but those that can work either independently or in a team. Not many consultants have that kind of talent combined with that kind of flexibility.
Having such talent enables the company to be a reliable source for high quality and timely service at minimal cost. DCAC customers frequently cite that while on paper DCAC’s hourly rates are higher, the results are delivered faster and underbudget. The time savings they experience alone due to their enhanced environment often more than covers the cost of the engagement itself.
Extraordinary Work Culture for Growth
As there is a heavy degree of international travel for DCAC’s team members, they do not operate a from a single location or work space. Their consultants work from home or on the road, which enables them to pass along those savings to their customers.
In terms of company morale, maintaining a positive work environment isn’t really an issue for them. As a small core team where everyone is talented, recognizing and appreciating each other’s talent isn’t particularly difficult. Additionally, team DCAC recognizes each other as human beings. They know that each of them is going to have health or personal issues at some point that will affect work schedules, and it’s up to the rest of them to pick up the slack.
Future Goals
In the future DCAC will continue to grow. As the company takes on more projects, it will continue to bring on consultants who are the best in the business so that DCAC can continue to offer the high level of service their clients have come to expect.
Awards and Achievements

  • Gold Award Winner for Data Center Innovations 2017/Golden Bridge Awards
  • Silver Award Winner for IT Team of the Year 2017/Golden Bridge Awards
  • IT Company of the Year 2017 /Technology Headlines
  • 20 Most Promising Azure Solution Providers CIO Review 2016
  • Microsoft Managed Partner 2016
  • Microsoft MVP 2012- current
  • Gold Microsoft Partner Cloud Platform
  • Gold Microsoft Partner Data Platform
  • Silver Microsoft Partner Data Analytics
  • VMWare Partner
  • EMC2 2013
  • Microsoft Certified Master 2008

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