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Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting: A World Leader in Cloud and Data Solutions

Founded in 2012, Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting offers the finest Cloud and Data solutions crafted by its globally renowned award-winning experts, capable of making business applications run faster, safer and more reliably than any competitor. With over 80% of their consultants Microsoft MVPs in their own right, DCAC works cross-platform: optimizing clients’ architecture, infrastructure and network in order to offer more accurate, insightful, and reliable data that aids its clients in implementing their business strategies.
The World-Renowned Leadership
Denny Cherry, the Principal Consultant and Founder of DCAC is a world-renowned authority, author, speaker, and consultant in the IT world, as well as a Microsoft MVP. Familiar with the demands of expertise, Cherry’s philosophy in acquiring the top-performing experts in the world was to offer them the opportunity to join a team of elite technology professionals while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. To that end, Cherry elected to form a company culture that valued every member of the team as a human being, by employing a virtual office environment that enables everyone to work from home, a flattened company hierarchy, as well as comfort and convenience when they are required to be on the road.
The Brilliant Work-Life Balance
DCAC takes responsibility for their employee’s work-life balance very seriously. As experts, the employees are often overloaded with work and responsibility, so the consultancy does its best to give back. For instance, when the team members need to travel to clients, it’s often at the last minute. So, in order to minimize the difficulty of travel and maximize their productivity, the company always has its team book business class seats. More space allows its consultants to be comfortable and productive while en route to their assignment.
Developing Leadership Skills
DCAC embraces a flattened hierarchy. Rather than getting wrapped up in ego or longevity, the company appreciates the world-class ideas and skills of its entire team and that applies not only to their physical comfort, but their genuine desire and capability to achieve the best results possible in any engagement. The company encourages them to speak up when they have a different idea or approach to a challenge. This lack of stratification allows the entire team to participate and grow within the company.
Working Towards Extraordinary Solutions
The team at DCAC is doing something that most people in IT don’t have the privilege to say; “we’re helping to save peoples’ lives.” Their work with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) on their multi-national data warehousing project allows them to focus their efforts and their donors’ financial resources more efficiently. This has allowed EGPAF to treat more families suffering from the epidemic while using the same amount of funding. By using features of the Azure Cloud and Data Platform stack such as Power Platform, the team at DCAC is able to guide EGPAF in developing a data strategy which will allow them to better serve the needs of their patients.
The Talent Acquisition Policy
DCAC has made it a policy to hire the best people in the world for the task at hand. “The team members often have higher salary requirements than “the industry average”, and that’s fine, as we aren’t hiring the average employee,” states Denny Cherry.
We take pride in the fact that during interviews with prospects that we’ve never asked them, “How much are you making now?” We are recruiting top talent and we aim to ensure they stay, and the company does what it needs to do, in order to accomplish that goal.
This, indeed, is a commendable strategy for hiring and retaining the best people in the industry.
Special Benefits for Employees
The team at DCAC flies business class on all flights unless those flights are very short or there is no business class available. The team is provided stays in brand-name hotels when they travel, and rental cars that are comfortable and safe. When the team members of the company travel, they are always free to book the flights, hotels, and cars that they need to in order to feel safe in the city that they are visiting.
DCAC also offers a virtual office. When the team is not working at a client’s site, the entire team works from home, and there is nowhere that people feel more safe and secure than at home.
Ethical Standards
DCAC operates with a culture of professionalism, mutual support and respect for others. DCAC follows zero tolerance for any form of sexual harassment or unprofessional behavior. The team is made up of highly experienced professionals that all have the utmost respect for each other, their clients, and the people they deal with every day. The entire team is involved in the hiring process, and their deep connections throughout the professional community allow it to identify the skilled individuals who have demonstrated a similar approach to life and business.
Future as the Leader sees it
As DCAC grows, we will continue to efficiently deliver top-notch results to our clients while helping our team members maintain the work-life balance that they enjoy.”