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DelCure LifeSciences Ltd: Happiness, Helpfulness, and Truthfulness

DelCure LifeSciences Ltd. (DLL) is a full-scale pharmaceutical company with an aim to bring differentiated high-quality products through international collaboration with innovator companies from the USA, Switzerland and European countries. Delcure LifeSciences Ltd is the brainchild of Mr. P.K. Pathak, a Pharma Veteran. His idea is to create an organization that helps improve the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the country through innovation in all possible areas.
Purpose, Culture, and Value at DelCure LifeSciences Limited:
TeamDLL strongly believes in promoting the purpose of Happiness and creating the culture of Helpfulness for DLL family members and the society, with the learning from Mother Nature, promoting sustainability and augmenting life with growth. They firmly believe in the value of Truthfulness.
DLL is committed to bring innovative products, introduce new drug delivery systems for the larger benefit of the community. Testimony to this commitment is evident through the five international collaborations they have with Pharma Base, Switzerland; Amarillo Biosciences, USA; Cymbiotics, USA; Helixor, Germany and many others are under progress.
DLL as a company had entered with 2 major specialties Pediatrics and Orthopaedics in 2013, backed with a vision to fill existing gaps in the therapeutic sub-segments of Orthopaedic, Pediatrics Respiratory, Otologicals, Nutrition and Dermatology.
Some of the Unique Products and Innovative 1sttime Products from DLL:
In Paediatric Nutritions: D-Liq: India’s first Micellized Vitamin D3 drops that increases 25 (OH) D levels 5 times more as compared to other existing brands.
In Paediatric GI: Esole: India’s first esomeprazole sachet form that can be safely given to infants above a month.
In Otologicals: Lidozone: India’s first aqueous base ear drop with Lidocaine & Phenazone that gives relief just within 5 mins of instillation.
In Allergy: Delpomont: India’s first Montelukast suspension for Children.
Upcount: Unique combination of Carica Papaya, Tinospora Cordifolia, Goat milk extract & Vitamin E to restore vital count in Dengue, Malaria, Chemotherapy & Thrombocytopenia cases.
In addition to this, DLL has other innovative brands like UDCAment (UDCA 125 mg suspension), Moga (India’s first organic Moringa Oleifera brand for immunity & convalescence), Soferi (Haematinic with Methylcobalamin)
DLL has complete pain management basket catering to the Ortho/ Surgeon and are available with Fast Absol Technology which increases patient compliance due to superior absorption,
The range of differentiated products includes:
Architect of DelCure
Mr. Prashant Kumar Pathak is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the DelCureLifeSciences Limited. He is an inspiring and visionary leader with over three decades of experience in pharmaceutical industry in Sales & Marketing, International Business, Supply Chain Management & Operations. Mr. Pathak served as Chief Executive – Global Formulations with RPG Lifesciences and Senior Director – Sales & Marketing with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.
He is a well-rounded experience in integrated business value chain, capabilities in unlocking emerging market advantages with experience of running business arms in APAC, Central & Latin American countries & Africa. During his professional career, he has managed a large number of in licensing assignments and brought new products to India and has been instrumental in collaborating with institutions of repute in the country and the USA.
Great Place to Work
DelCure in its infantile stage considers each and every employee as its founders and its employees take pride and a sense of responsibility in making DelCure as a workplace committed to “Helpfulness”, “Happiness”, and “Truthfulness”.
Diversity: The employees come from different culture and background creating workforce diversity. The diversity also reflects in the thoughts and ideas which in turn helps in making unique strategies and working style for DLL.
Inclusiveness: Team Delcure believes that every employee is unique and a different individual.Therefore, every person’s opinion is valued. Every single employee is encouraged to put forward the ideas and feedback is taken every 30th, 60th and 90thday of their joining. Delcurians are well connected through various networks. It enables them to share of ideas, seeking guidance and helping across the globe.
Quality Medicines for Customers:
DelCure looks forward to cover more geography and doctor specialties and is currently exploring to launch certain innovative medicine in Gynecological and Dermalogy Segment.
DLL is committed to highest quality medicine.Team DLL is currently working on creating a platform to showcase quality which will be visible to consumers.
Team DLL believes the future need of patients will not only be restricted to getting a good quality product, but also certain value additions. Keeping the same in mind, they want to emerge as a central player in technological innovation that will help make treatment cost effective, convenient and shorten delivery time to customers.
Team DLL aims to involve a new generation of doctors through direct and customized communication, scientific or other practice-related, through advanced automated technology. Also, Team DLL aims to build need-based and customized research partnership with practitioner and medical academicians.
DLL aspires to become the most respected, uniquely positioned leading pharmaceutical company in the chosen areas or specialty verticals in India and abroad with distinct value based characteristics.

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