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Decisiv SRM: The Connected Commercial Asset Ecosystem

With over 30 years’ of experience building, managing and growing early stage technology companies, Dick Hyatt had the ideal background to lead Decisiv, a company that has transformed asset service management for high value, complex commercial assets and vehicles, Today, as the company’s president and CEO, he is is responsible for all aspects of building a world-class team of industry and technology experts, and delivering high-quality, profit-improving products and services leading to long-term customer satisfaction.
The Decisiv SRM ecosystem streamlines the management of commercial asset service and repair processes. It does this by providing the communication and collaboration tools stakeholders need to participate in and manage a service event from beginning to end. SRM users get the information they need, when they need it, to make faster, better informed decisions about assets in service. With SRM, improved management of the service process leads to dramatic improvements in service, performance, and utilization. Better communication also drives dramatically stronger connections with customers. Decisiv was founded after Dick and other visionaries recognized that commercial vehicle service supply chain processes were antiquated and ineffective, leading to chaos that added up to billions of dollars in lost revenue and unnecessary expenses for the industry. Among the causes were silos of disconnected data in single purpose portals and legacy systems not designed to share data or collaborate. This resulted in an environment in which field service staff could only react to customer service due to inefficient workflow and incomplete information access.
Connecting People, Places, Systems, and Things 
Today, Decisiv SRM provides a connected service approach that unifies people, places, systems, and things on a common platform that drives asset uptime, consistent service delivery, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It also reduces warranty and support costs, and cuts administrative overhead. “Decisiv saw a way to involve OEMs in the entire life cycle of an asset, benefiting all stakeholders in the ecosystem,” Dick says.
In the commercial vehicle asset market, Decisiv has achieved real and measurable success. The company is the partner of choice for major commercial vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, Mack, Hino, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Isuzu as well as their dealers and call centers, service networks and asset owners.
Decisiv’s growth can also be measured in other ways. Today, the SRM ecosystem is being used by service providers and owners in the North American commercial vehicle industry to manage service events for more than 4 million assets and over 12.7 million service events have been managed on the platform. In addition, over 750 integrations have been enabled to connect partner technologies and add new data and capabilities. SRM’s proven value can be seen in more than 25% less downtime, 70% less triage time and a 90% rate of repair effectiveness.
According to Dick, Decisiv is now bringing the same ability to improve asset utilization and performance to the light commercial and off-highway heavy equipment and industrial asset manufacturers, dealers, rental companies, service providers and owners. Its commitment to continuing to extend the benefits of an SRM ecosystem also includes plans to expand globally in both Europe and Asia.
Decisiv is investing heavily in its technology as well.Over the last few years, it has moved to a flexible AWS infrastructure with API-based UI and integration frameworks. Dick also states that the company will be further developing connected service applications that coincide with the expansion of connected vehicle and telematics-based solutions. In addition, Decisiv is planning to extend its data analytics capabilities with new technologies that include machine learning and AI solutions.
“Disruption” is a Buzzword; Manufacturers Want Transformation 
Leading the ongoing transformation of asset service management into a broad SRM ecosystem has taught Dick that progressive improvement is more effective than wholesale disruption; particularly when it comes to implementing large-scale, long term changes in traditionally inflexible industries. That takes time and patience, a trait Dick has exhibited over the past 15 years and one that will undoubtedly service Decisiv well for the foreseeable future.
For today, though, if you ask Dick Hyatt about the impact of the Decisiv SRM ecosystem he quickly points to the value of asset uptime. “Decisiv has already delivered over $2.5 billion in value to the North American commercial vehicle market,” he says, “and is on track for that number to nearly double in 2019.”