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Decisiv: Revolutionizing Service Event Management

In today’s global economy, there are so many factors to consider when selecting where and how your valuable commercial assets will be serviced. Thankfully, there are constant technological advancements and innovations taking place that can help us automate and simplify the process, making it easy to make fast, informed decisions no matter where your assets are being serviced. And the results are impressive: service supply chains that employ a Service Relationship Management (SRM) strategy have a clear competitive advantage – reduced downtime, lower total cost of ownership and improved operational effectiveness. Decisiv, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-basd SRM software solutions for commercial asset service management in North America.
Decisiv’s SRM platform has revolutionized service event management for commercial assets and is already powering service event management for more than 2 million assets and 3,000 service locations as well as many leading heavy duty vehicle manufactures including Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Hino and many others.
A Steady, Experienced Hand Driving Company Direction
In an era where unicorns and twenty-something hot shots dominate the press particually in the consumer space, enterprise applications ventures require a unique combination of skills, experience and poise to be successful. Dick Hyatt, President and CEO of Decisiv, has more than 40 years of experience building, managing and growing early stage technology companies, including SAGE Systems (IPO, acquired by MicroFocus), TechLaw Automation Partners (Acquired by Atvantec), Hayes-Ligon (Acquired by ADP Dealer Services, now CDK Global) and Amteva Technology (Acquired by Cisco Systems). Prior to his tenure with Decisiv, Hyatt was CEO of Amteva and after the Cisco acquisition was a member of the marketing team for Cisco’s Unified Communications.
Hyatt is responsible for all aspects of building a world-class team of industry and technology experts committed to delivering high-quality; profit-improving products and services that help manage commercial asset maintenance. He is a dynamic entrepreneur with a strong sales background and exceptional focus on result-oriented strategies.
Revolutionzing Service Event Management
Fundamentally, the service supply chain for commercial assets is broken. The service and repair processes for commercial assets have not changed in more than 20 years. The status quo is typically a bunch of phone calls, emails and paper shuffling trying to find the people and information necessary to actually repair an asset in a timely, cost effective and correct manner. Plus, the reliance on disconnected, manual extensions of legacy solutions or single-purpose applications has directly impacted uptime, profitability, and operational efficiencies.
The growing interest in connected assets and Industrial IoT has raised the awareness around maximizing the value of this data. However, the aggregation and analysis of connected asset data is an enhancement, but not an enabler of effective service event management.
Complex commercial assets typically require a “small village” to support a repair event. At minimum, a fleet, service provider and equipment OEM as well as data in each of their respective business systems – build details, service history, recalls and campaigns, warranty status, customer preferences, required inspections, etc. – is required for effective decision making. This complex web of data, people, technology and process requires much more than the telephone and email to be done effectively.
The Decisiv SRM platform transforms the service and repair process for commercial assets by delivering in-context information through secure and scalable communications portals, via a brandable user experience and an integration framework at an unrivaled level of cost and time efficiency. SRM leverages real-time event visibility and actionable information delivered at the point of service to maximize uptime, increase asset availability, lessen triage and downtime, reduce total cost of ownership, improve probability of “fixing it right the first time,” and create and strengthen end customer relationships.
A Winning Culture
Decisiv combines technology, business and domain experts into cross-functional teams to help ensure customer success. They empower all levels of employees to interact with customers to gain customer insights and propose new and different approaches to customer requirements.  They have a systematic process for developing new employees, starting with basic customer support, to develop the skills required to move into other areas of the company, including business, system and process analysis, sales engineering and other functions.
The team at Decisiv has delivered a multi-entity, dynamic relationship communication and collaboration platform to tens of thousands of desktop and mobile users and integration with hundreds of third party applications and systems to fundamentally improve how commercial assets are serviced and repaired.
As part of the third wave of Internet-based applications, the company brings new levels of productivity and efficiency to traditionally manual-intensive industrial and commercial service environments.  Decisiv SRM uniquely connects the service supply chain to enable real-time communication and collaboration, and puts controls in place to ensure service event management consistency.
True Thought Leadership – Leading Edge Not Bleeding Edge
As the thought leader in revolutionizing service event management, Decisiv is helping service supply chains transform maintenance into a competitive advantage. Decisiv leverages the best in class technology providers such as Amazon web services, the latest database technologies, industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors and diagnostics systems, and and open, standards-based APIs to deliver a multi-tentant PaaS architecture. The platform APIs enable the creation of an integration framework to capture data from the required business systems and deliver a closed loop, bi-directional data sharing capability. This creates new levels of in-context information access and improved decision-making through a secure and scalable architecture, and a fully customizable user experience.
The Decisiv user experiences can be accessed by any device via responsive web and native mobile applications. The micro-services architecture enables very agile development process and highly parallelized development teams to quickly take advantage of new offerings or customer requirements across a broad range of capabilities including business intelligence and analytical tools, diagnostic software, and predictive and machine learning algorithms.

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