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datapine: Data Visualization & Business Intelligence Tool

Big Data industry is constantly facing challenges that are changing over time. A couple of years ago, the main problem was how to actually get access to relevant data. Then came the problem of how to visualize it in an understandable and meaningful way. Lately, innovative vendors were working on democratizing data and making it accessible to key members that don’t have deep technical or BI experience. One of the upcoming challenges will be how to decrease the “time-to-insights”. Datapine a Professional Data Analysis company offers several functionalities to automatically extract relevant insights from the customer data within few minutes, interprets them and delivers them to the clients as a combination of charts and descriptive text.
Datapine is a market leading Business Intelligence Software combing BI with Machine Learning, founded in 2012 with the idea to facilitate the complex process of data analytics through technical innovation. Datapine makes its users smarter by automatically extracting insights from customer data based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Datapine empowers businesses of all sizes, technical and non-technical users alike, to explore, visualize and communicate their information. In short, Datapine brings back the “intelligence” in Business intelligence while focusing on the end user who does not have a BI or statistical background.
Innovators of Datapine
Datapine was founded in 2012 by Jakob Rehermann and Martin Blumenau, they are now Managing Partners. Both are having different, complementary approaches when it comes to further developing their software. Jakob has an extensive knowledge of BI and machine learning and comes up with new ideas how to apply technology and algorithms to create new, disruptive features. On the other hand, Martin focuses on talking to customers to find out what they need the most and what keeps them awake at night to outperform their competitors. This combination leads to a focused, efficient selection process when deciding on new features.
Both Partners ensure to provide their customers the functionality they need while continuously introducing innovations in the market to sharpen Datapine USP on a global scale. They see this approach one of the main reasons why Datapine now belongs to the fastest growing companies in the Big Data industry.
Flexible for Change
Datapine team knows that technologies will shape and change constantly and therefore they build a flexible system so they can easily replace outdated modules with new ones. Also, they always have an eye on the market for the latest technology.
“Some of our decisions are brave and might be wrong in retrospect, but as long as most of the decisions are right, we are on the right path,” Martin asserts. “We always try to find the best solution to our customers’ problems, plan the steps how to achieve it and then choose the best technology to reach our target, not the other way around,” Martin added.
Innovative Service with Safety
Datapine fully rely on their own developed software and infrastructure. It works with relational, SQL-based databases as well as big data technologies, hosted in the Datapine private cloud on dedicated servers. Backups are run every 12 hours and stored on a third party provider for resiliency. As part of a disaster recovery strategy, Datapine implemented infrastructure and deployment as a code. All clusters can be recovered automatically within few minutes.
Customer Oriented Approach
The market, the customer needs and the solutions available are constantly moving. Therefore, for Datapine it is very important to never stop improving the software by making it easier to use, smarter and more powerful. Their clients highly appreciate for development speed that is reflected in monthly updates to keep them up to date with the latest improvements and features. This close communication with customers ensures that Datapine software will stay successful and competitive. Another important aspect is that Datapine team is very dynamic and constantly include customer feedback in their roadmap. If there is a feature that a customer needs and also provides value to other customers, Datapine team usually has it implemented within few weeks.
Innovative Future
“Big data will become smart data. It’s not the amount of data nor the amount of data sources that matters. It will be all about quickly identifying the relevant information and bringing it together,” says Martin about the future of Big Data. Datapine team performs a lot of research in the area of converting data into smart data and have developed several modules based on Machine Learning that help users to get to know all important relationships, patterns, value drivers, anomalies and interesting segments in a data set before they start their analysis. Based on this information, users know immediately, which data has significant influence on the interesting metrics so they can focus on which information to be used and what can be ignored.
Datapine having headquarters in Berlin, Germany, with a some representation in the US. Today, Datapine having more than 40 employees and is continually growing with regards to team size and customer base.

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