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Data Centre Technologies: An Innovative Quality Focused Pioneer

Over the last thirty or more years, data centres have undergone many significant changes, and they have continued to evolve. Massive leaps in technology development and the increasing affordability of computer systems have seen an explosion in the number of data centres all over the world. Today’s data centres range from just two or three racks of equipment to enormous buildings housing many thousands of racks. Data centre management has evolved also, becoming at once less manpower intensive and more critical in a world demanding access to vital systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
From conception to delivery, the tasks associated with designing, building and operating a data centre are seen by many as being extremely complex, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Since its inception in 2007, Data Centre Technologies, aka DCT, has set a new quality standard in its innovative approach to all things related to the data centre. The innovation began with the concept of a single organisation that can and does offer all the elements of data centre design, build and operation from under the one roof. This entailed developing a unique approach that would eliminate the complexity from the process, delivering simplicity and consistency in a trusted relationship between DCT and its partners.
DCT was established to provide specialist data centre centric services to industry.  DCT provides a wide range of services to major organisations in the private, government and defence sectors to design, build, operate, maintain and improve mission critical data centre facilities.
From strategy conception, feasibility studies and business case development, through to detailed data centre design and construction, DCT provides a level of expertise that ensures a positive outcome for its partners.  DCT bridges the gap between technology and business outcomes with business facing project managers advising the executive team, and technologists liaising with architects, engineers and construction companies.
DCT has built a reputation for establishing partnerships with its clients, as distinct from the traditional vendor – client model. This approach allows it to achieve these crucial business outcomes: risk minimisation, and savings in time, money and effort.
The DCT Difference
DCT’s services include:

  • Data centre consulting, operation and facilities management,
  • Project management,
  • Structured cabling and auditing,
  • Specialized IT infrastructure relocations and migrations.

 Recently, DCT acquired Access Floors Queensland, thereby expanding its services to include the supply and installation of raised access floors, structured ceilings, containment systems and full data centre cleaning services.
Data Centre Technologies sets itself apart from others as a pioneer that is focused on quality and innovation. For example, DCT’s IT infrastructure relocation service offering encompasses door to door removals, a turnkey project managed end to end service, and everything in between. All of these offerings include the use of specially designed lockable flight cases and, if required for high security, GPS tracking of shipments.
Shaun Vosper, Industry Veteran
With over 20 years of experience in the management and operations of large mission critical facilities Shaun Vosper, the founder and CEO of DCT started the company to provide a personalised service to small to midsized data centre facilities.
Shaun began his career in the IT industry as a mainframe operator and progressed to manage multiple data centre facilities for large government organisations. Then he progressed to designing and project managing multiple builds, relocations and data centre fit outs for many organisations across Australia.
Shaun has undertaken a number of leading data centre courses to ensure full knowledge of the industry and services required to enhance his knowledge and deliver additional benefits to the company’s partners. These include: Accredited Tier Specialist course by the Uptime Institute, Certified Data Centre Design Professional and Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist courses.
Shaun also has a commitment to develop products for the industry and has been recognized by the Patent Electronic Equipment Cabinet US 20110297351 A1.
While describing DCT’s journey so far, Shaun explains, “Honesty, integrity and reliability are at the core of Data Centre Technologies and all our staff members take these tenets on. DCT has developed as a family and we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients feel as though they too are included in our family.”
DCT, Excellence in Innovation
The growth of DCT relies on its quality service and continued and consistent delivery above expectations. With this ethos, and potentially a key acquisition under consideration, DCT’s expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region is a key focus.
Coming from the perspective of having run large mission critical data centres, DCT has a unique perspective enabling further and deeper insights into the issues and concerns of its clients.
“We offer our clients and their businesses a single company that can manage projects and data centres from an end to end perspective, thus reducing the need for multiple contracts and contractors,” adds Shaun. “DCT calls it one company, all the pieces.”
Data Centre Technologies is looking to concentrate on and expand throughout the Asia Pacific region utilizing its current service offerings of specialized relocation, project management and consulting services.
DCT sets itself apart from others by being a pioneer focused on quality and innovation, and looks for products and services to enhance client productivity and reliability. With the integration of Access Floors Queensland and possibly another acquisition, DCT offers a complete range of services for its clients.