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Darren Roos: Passionate About Making a Difference Through Exemplary Leadership

Successful organizations are shaped by the visionary leadership of the CEO. Great executives do this by building strong businesses that analyze and effectively execute. Darren Roos is one such influential CEO. He has accelerated the growth of IFS and reaffirmed its leading position as a producer of nimble and responsive enterprise software business solutions for customers around the world.
A Proven Track Record
Darren was appointed to the role of CEO of IFS in April 2018. Since then, he has been leading his talented team in further scaling the company’s global business and extending IFS’s leadership position in Field Service Management (FSM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
As an industry veteran with a nearly 20-year track record in the international software industry, his ability to deliver results has earned him a reputation as a customer advocate, industry thought leader and cloud expert. Outside of IFS, he also currently maintains a Non-Executive Director position at Micro Focus International.
Prior to joining IFS, he was the President of SAP’s Global ERP Cloud Business, where he had end-to-end responsibility for all product and go-to-market functions. He oversaw an organization of over 5,000 staff in that position. During his tenure at SAP, he also held other leadership roles, including General Manager of Northern Europe and Chief Operating Officer of EMEA. Before his time with that global firm, he was the President of EMEA, APJ, LATAM at Software AG and a member of its Group Executive Board.
Leveraging Latest Innovations 
IFS is focused on providing world-class solutions to five core industries: manufacturing, energy, utilities and resources, services, aerospace and defense, and engineering, construction and infrastructure. This focus is a differentiator for it in a market where most of its competition provides more generic solutions. It increases the appeal of these solutions in two ways: firstly, by offering meaningful choice and flexibility to its customers around how they license, pay and deploy its software. Secondly, it leverages the latest innovations around AI, IoT and next generation UX to enhance the usability and value its customers derive from its solutions.
Enabling Appropriate Direction 
Darren believes that his primary role is to ensure the entire organization has a clear view of where it is headed and how it will get there. According to Darren, a CEO needs to be decisive and a strong communicator. He believes that ultimately the success of any organization comes down to the efficacy of the strategy and the quality of execution.
Darren believes in creating an environment where everyone can contribute according to their capacity. He believes his ability to build a diverse team — whether that be based on age, gender or ethnicity — and then getting the most out of them is a key attribute. He also values employees who have a positive attitude, strong work ethic and are authentic.
No Substitute for Hard Work 
Darren has a fundamental belief that there is no right way to do the wrong thing or no wrong way to do the right thing. He adds that people also may not be able to control how bright or creative they are, but they can control how hard they work. It is the most consistent determinant of success. A good moral compass is further required for long-term loyalty and he treats trust as a currency. He believes that if one puts in the work then they will consistently win.
He points to other great leaders, including Jeff Bezos, Indra Nooyi, Elon Musk and Michael Jordan, as proof that hard work pays off.
The Power of Choice 
Darren was not a very career-oriented individual in the first few years of entering the enterprise software industry. He confesses that he was rather lazy, unfocused and lacked resilience. One day, he decided he could continue coasting or begin putting in the work. He chose the work and the decision energized him.
In less time than he wasted waiting for his career to really begin, he has achieved success and progressed to the top leadership position at a large global business.
Mastering One’s Craft 
Darren suggests that instead of thinking about the next promotion, one should focus on mastering their craft, proving themselves in their current role and then over-performing. He says that instead of being in a hurry to only do what’s ’new and shiny,’ one should focus on being great at their immediate tasks. He emphasizes building a career instead of constantly looking for new things.
Remain Focused 
Darren stresses that obstacles and challenges are inevitable, but you should choose to be resilient in tough times and remain focused. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help from more experienced team members.
Sensible Alternative for Clients 
Darren believes IFS has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the ERP market in its core industries. He comprehends that with the heightened pace of digital disruption today, customers require solutions that are easier to use, quicker to deploy and cost less than the competition is offering. IFS represents that sensible alternative for tens of thousands of clients around the world. As it has proven in 2018, it can and will continue to significantly outgrow the market.
Source: The League of Extraordinary CEOs