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Danlaw: World-Class, Worldwide Connected Vehicle Solutions

Language always lags behind new technology. For example, the internet describes a connected car as one equipped with internet access; however, a truly connected vehicle is much more complex: it must be able to transmit information about its location and operation to systems that make use of the data for a greater purpose. Danlaw, a global auto tech company, is a key player in the connected car market, having helped define and enable the industry in its infancy with IoT devices, infrastructure, and applications. With deep roots in automotive embedded engineering, Danlaw was able to leverage its automotive network communication protocol expertise to develop robust aftermarket telematics solutions. Large market uptake of these solutions has contributed to the company’s explosive growth in the past four years.
The Backstory
Instead of waiting for automotive industry to integrate connectivity directly into their vehicles, Danlaw began manufacturing an IoT device called DataLogger in 2008. The device directly connects vehicles to cloud-based or backend servers. While Danlaw’s extensive knowledge of automotive engineering makes their device secure, stable, and powerful – in short, a market favorite, – the company is building out software innovations and a partner ecosystem to provide bigger opportunities to their customers.
Collaboration Is Key
Danlaw has built a network of partners to increase the opportunities available in the connected car market, particularly those that target consumers. Service providers and retailers can build on Danlaw’s technology to offer valuable apps and rewards to drivers and collaborate with each other to blend and combine offerings. Danlaw is actively working to increase the penetration of IoT in the connected car industry because the more contributors there are, the richer the apps become.
Danlaw’s approach to automotive-related IoT applications reflects the tech industry’s emphasis on collaboration. Instead of creating silos that are quickly outdated, Danlaw has established a network of collaboration based upon the results of successful companies from other industries. Their stance is that widespread adoption of automotive connectivity by varied partners will only increase the capabilities of the connected car and create consumer demand.
The promise of connected vehicles is multi-faceted, offering value to manufacturers, consumer-facing businesses, and consumers themselves. With large quantities of data, manufacturers can build safer and smarter cars, businesses can create personalized customer experiences, and drivers can travel safer, smarter, and have more fun on the way. Danlaw maintains that these promises necessitate a passion for usability, a commitment to continued innovation, and recognition of the fact that collaboration is the only way that the truly connected car – as it is not yet defined – can come into being.
The Danlaw Connected Car Platform Components
Danlaw’s connected car platform is a suite of technology that lays the groundwork for end-user apps, including devices, data hosting infrastructure, and a platform that’s easy to build apps on.
Danlaw’s DataLogger 8-series is a wireless communication device that connects to a vehicle’s OBD-II port to collect and wirelessly transmit vehicle and driving behavior data to the cloud or to a backend server. It is a cost-effective solution for collecting and accessing data to improve the way autos and auto-related services are used, built, paid for, and operated.
The complexity and stringent security demands of the automotive industry require the best built software – imagine your car being hacked like your personal computer, or an electrical problem in your car caused by a device. Danlaw has leveraged its 32 years of automotive embedded engineering experience in order to build a device superior to its competitors in security, functionality, and compatibility. In fact, the company asserts that its device is compatible with 98% of all vehicles driven on North American roads, and it has its eye on European makes next.
The Thought-leader at Danlaw
Thomas Rzeznik, President and CEO, leads and directs the day-to-day activities of Danlaw, serving across all divisions and business units with eagerness, thoughtfulness and steady advice. Tom’s strong work ethic is visible in every area of Danlaw’s business, from Novi, Michigan to the company’s DNXC joint venture in China, where Tom is actively involved. Everyone at Danlaw feels they can approach Tom, who listens to all sides and seeks compromise. Tom came to Danlaw in 2001 to assist the company in expanding its automotive services business and growing its product development activities.
Before arriving at Danlaw, Tom held various positions at Perceptron for over 20 years, and ended up in charge of advanced factory floor automation systems utilizing robotics and machine vision technologies. His work included a five-year expatriate assignment for Perceptron GmbH in Germany. Before that, Tom worked in ECU development at Gulf+Western Automotive while pursuing a degree in engineering.
Direct quote: “Leadership – If you’re not taking arrows in the chest, you’re not riding out in front!”
“Danlaw’s DataLogger enables Mercurien to analyse every trip in great detail, 24/7. After three years of continuous operation, there have been no device failures to date. With over 11 million km and 60 million risk points measured, we are now well placed to assist businesses in changing the way they operate and insure their fleets. Beyond a high-quality product, the key value of our relationship with Danlaw is their willingness to listen, discuss, and act on our business requirements and opportunities.” –Michael Graham, CEO of Mercurien Pty. Ltd.