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Cytosurge AG: Redefining Scientific Measurements and Robotic Systems

In this changing digital era of the 21st century, every day is a day for innovation. Technology is fast evolving and renovating new terms in the world of improvement. While talking about the industry of 3D printers, it is to be noted that the sector is improving itself in a rapid speed and bringing up new trends in the market. The current scenario suggests that there are different patterns observed in the 3D printing sector namely, manufacturing parts faster, bigger, even smaller yet, more accurate with new materials or made up of composites. 3D printing remains to be an industry sector for creative scientists and developers, therefore, making space for various improvements in the future. It began with a prime focus on rapid prototyping and spare parts manufacturing industry which then turned to design, optimization, and production of whole parts.
With the emergence of FluidFM 3D printing technology, the industry has found entirely new possibilities of 3D printing and object manufacturing at the Micro- and Nano-level.
To serve the continuous demand of mankind to combine more and more functionality on ever smaller devices and miniaturized objects, to enable scientists to conduct research beyond existing boundaries, CYTOSURGE AG, Switzerland based fast growing high-tech company develops and distributes scientific measuring instruments and robotic systems based on the patented FluidFM technology.
Headquartered in Zurich, the company with their FluidFM technology enables versatile application in the areas of material science, physics, biology and 3D printing technology. This fluid-filled hollow cantilever technology gives customers the capability to directly print metal components at the microscale in a single process step without the need for any support structures, at room temperature, and that is what is keeping Cytosurge AG ahead of others.
The team at Cytosurge AG is always innovating and redefining technology to make progress in the industry. The company has recently developed their “FluidFM μ3Dprinter” to serve the research oriented industry and university market with its unique micro metal printing capabilities. The company has exhibited in various occasions like Inside3D Düsseldorf, Germany; Hannover Messe, Germany; IDTechEx, Berlin, Germany; Advanced Material Congress, and has earned the winner award as the Best Development 3D Printing 2017-Europe from IDTechEX.       
Offering Unique 3D Printing Solutions
Cytosurge is known to use a unique process which enables the printing of the micrometer size objects and resolutions minutely precise and accurate. The company produces printed objects which are even smaller in size than the diameter of the metal powder grains used by the other 3D printing methods. The patented technology of Cytosurge AG, FluidFM process allows direct metal printing of complex structure even with overhangs and at ambient temperature.
The enterprise has developed a new 3D metal printing process which enables to print complex metal objects invisible to the human eye. Cytosurge says that the exact scale of the printed objects is a major challenging factor, but there are few to none existing metal objects which could be replaced with objects, manufactured with the FluidFM enabled printing technology. For Cytosurge, the challenge was to make smart people think completely “Out of the Box” rather than to let them remain trapped in their existing object scale and product size paradigm. To overcome this challenge, the company has developed multiple relationships with universities and innovation department of various companies.
This Swiss nanotechnology company comprises of a heterogeneous team where experienced seniority meets ambitious and well educated young specialists. At Cytosurge, each employee is encouraged to participate in the continuous “Culture at Cytosurge” – a program which aims to actively build a culture every member can recognize. The company works in an environment with lots of freedom promoting natural self-responsibility.
About the Pillar of Cytosurge
Pascal Behr, Co-founder, and CEO of Cytosurge is redefining technology and leading the industry. After completing his engineering degree in Electricals and Nanotechnology at ETH Zurich and Northwestern University, USA, Pascal finished his doctoral studies in the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics at ETH Zurich and started focusing his research on the combination of atomic force microscopy with microfluidics; a technology termed FluidFM. Pascal is a man of excellence. Along with gaining an extreme level of academic knowledge, Pascal has also co-invented several patents related to FluidFM technology. He has been featured in numerous national and international blog posts and newspaper articles as a co-founder of Cytosurge.
Under Pascal’s guidance, Cytosurge has won various prestigious awards like 2017 “Best Development in 3D Printing” Award from ID TechEx in Berlin, Germany and “Pionierpreis” presented by Zürcher Kantonalbank and Technopark Zurich in 2012 which is the most prestigious Startup award in Switzerland. Apart from leading the team of Cytosurge, Pascal is a Board member in a private Swiss industrial enterprise where he is responsible for innovation and digital transformation.
Future of 3D Printing through the Eyes of Cytosurge
In general, the 3D printing sector is a fast-growing one and it is important that Cytosurge provides value and benefit due its ability to build very complex structures providing clear technical advantages. Cytosurge said that the future of 3D printing using FluidFM is very different since the technology is opening the possibility to build objects at a significantly smaller scale than any other 3D metal printing technique has achieved so far.
Cytosurge’s technologies are offering an additional future benefit to the industry which gives businesses to parallelize the printing process utilizing established semiconductor manufacturing techniques. This possibility opens up new doors regarding manufacturing which stand firm as a difficult challenge for other 3D printing technologies.

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