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CyberDefenses: Providers of High-Performance Cybersecurity

With a corporate acronym, SCVET, Servant Based, Customer Focused, Value Add, Employee Centric, and Trustworthy company, CyberDefenses, Inc. (CDI) emphasizes the values that have made them successful. Incorporated in 2001, the company was started by military veteran, Randell Casey, who had worked in enterprise operational environments (sometimes in forward bases under enemy fire) and emphasized security as a foundation for all operational performance.

The DoD experience of Randell, makes the company initially focused on government opportunities like managing the operational infrastructure for the Defense Information Services Agency, DISA, who provides the data infrastructure for all DoD.

With the grave understanding of the high cost of security compromises in the military, CDI always understood that, in the corporate world, those compromises are more than just financial, reputation, or business losses, they extinguish livelihoods and freedom. CDI’s passion is to be the DoD and corporate partner who provides that line of defense giving their partners the freedom to pursue their livelihoods securely.

Enterprise-Level Network Management

CDI continues to provide enterprise-level network management, optimized communications, and defensive measures for the government, like all the Air Force Information Network gateways, as well as non-government, commercial operations.

In addition to CDI’s enterprise operations contracts with the DoD, CDI offers traditional managed services for small and mid-sized companies that includes 24x7x365 operation and management of data networks. CDI manages servers and workstations including installation, configuration, patching, and maintenance. CDI’s services include backup and recovery operation, and network management, including routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and other network devices. CDI also assists in migrations as well as architecture projects. CDI brings an enterprise operational experience to any operational environment.

A key deferential for CDI is its Security First managed services practice. CDI’s enterprise DoD gives it a unique perspective on security. CDI’s enterprise security management for the Air Force is responsible for more than one billion firewall, web, and email blocks per week from suspicious and adversarial sources. Consequently, CDI understands what it takes to protect corporate infrastructure. CDI’s services include 5 critical security responses that every operation needs to incorporate in its practices. CDI is able to assist companies in the development and execution of these policies.

Randell Casey, Founder and CEO of CyberDefenses, is an army veteran with 25 years of service, who’s career was primarily focused on information technology. In his command of the Texas National Guard Information Operation Brigade, he realized that data security would be critical to government as well as corporate success.

Consequently, Casey developed teams that could train IT professionals and consult on data security technology as well as security policy. The day after 9/11, Col. Casey and his team were given orders to travel to the Pentagon and determine if the U.S. was under electronic attack. This event was the catalyst to launch CyberDefenses to enhance IT security and Information Assurance within the government and a vision to bring this expertise to the commercial sector.

While talking about future perspective Casey says, “CDI believes that the managed services market is fragmented and there is an opportunity for consolidation around a security message and mission that CDI will lead.”

Thomas D. Yant, USACE-GRD, one of the satisfied clients of CDI says, “Thank you and the Cyber team for the wonderful support you provide to the Army Corp of Engineers, and our great nation. You are on the front lines in our efforts here in Iraq, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate you here.”