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Cthrough: The AR-Enabled Navigator to Amusement Arcades

It’s the rapid advancement of technology that our lives have become cozier, more comfortable and full of amazement than ever. It’s the wonder of the technology that has made our every adventure effortless ones. Nowadays one can depend upon GPS technology to get anywhere in the world. With the help of GPS navigation, we can reach any destination without much effort. However, at a place with a more complex layout like a zoo, a museum, or a theme park where Google map often fails, cannot cover the destination in detail, people get stuck and compelled to use a piece of the paper map and get lost.
Cthrough is an Augmented Reality tech startup that has developed a digital map application that can be used at large event venues and site of attractions, like zoos and museums, to enhance the visitor experience. The map is not only a “walking map” which provides the last-mile solution for people to visit a place, but also an AR platform where many incredible experiences can be built on. For example, imagine you are following the map to the tiger’s exhibit in a zoo, at the same time are also going on a scavenger hunt relating to animal facts. While walking through the zoo, you can also get real-time notifications of the zoo’s education shows, and easily be led there on your phone.
The Innovative Leaders
Elaine Wang is the Co-Founder and CEO of the company who has obtained an Management Science and B.S. in Finance. Being a serial entrepreneur, Elaine also co-founded Venture Academy, which was once the largest afterschool program in Plano, TX. A Ph.D in Computer Science, Trusit Shah is the CTO and another Co-Founder of Cthrough, who also co-founded Plinth Technologies. Trusit has 10 years of experience of software development, with 5 years of experience in the field of wireless sensor network
I am very bad at directions in general. The only four directions I can respond without trouble is up, down, front and back. I have to react to differentiate left and right. When I sit on the passenger seat in a car and giving instructions, I have to point my fingers and say “this way”. And many people out there are just like me. The easiest way to navigate to a place is having someone lead you there, and with Augmented Reality, everyone can have a personal guide”, asserts Elaine.
The Differentiating Factors of Cthrough
Differing from the existing map applications out there, Cthrough is a walking map that helps people to reach the places with ease. Comparing with the app development companies who build apps for the attraction sites and event venues, this company is more focused on providing a superior experience. Instead of building 10 apps for 10 companies, Cthrough builds one map platform and add sites to it. Cthrough’s main aim is to provide user-friendly services to the visitors.
Existing AR apps may be able to display location information with AR rendering, but they cannot fully function as a map. Cthrough’s AR map is non-provisional patent pending, which renovates the way how people use a map.
Opportunities and Challenges in the Process of Implementing AR
There’s no denying the fact that AR/VR/MR is going to change our lives and our lifestyles in the upcoming future, and because it is still new to the market and no one knows what exactly will work. Every company has the chance to succeed and make a huge impact in this revolution.
The opportunity also creates the challenge. As AR is still relatively new to the market, the consumers need more time to adapt it and grow the habit of using AR for better experiences in their life. That’s why it happens a lot that users will download an AR app for curiosity and uninstall it after the fad is gone. That’s why the company get in from a special angle by leveraging a map as a tool to smoothly help the users to transit from using 2D to AR.
Attracting Clients with Innovative Work Culture
The innovative team of Cthrough has designed a digital map which is cost-efficient and environment- friendly in comparison to the traditional paper maps. The tech-savvy millennials and generation Z use their phones for any kind of information. The company helps the attraction sites easily reachable for their visitors and enhances the experience even better than ever with the help of Augmented Reality.
Future Endeavors
Cthrough is currently using smartphones as the medium for the AR map platform. However, once the AR glasses are ready for consumer use, the existing infrastructure will be adapted immediately to the AR glasses or other hardware to further enhance the visitor experience.
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