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CSI tools: Pragmatic Solutions for SAP Security

Every single day, successful companies are reinventing themselves, resulting in constantly assessing their risk exposure by finding inconsistencies in what people are allowed to do, can do, did and can almost do. CSI tools have developed dynamic analytics tools that deliver intelligence from and to decisions taken in identity and access governance for SAP environments.
CSI tools’ cockpit and engine provide insight into your real vulnerabilities, streamline SAP roles and then delivers practical solutions to improve your risk/security posture, like automated role building and reverse engineering. By transforming data into information, these tools allow you to adjust on demand your risk and security strategies. They use your SAP systems to identify the access governance requirements and allow you to sync them with the SAP systems employed.
While dealing with SAP security, first roadblock is to understand how exactly it works? CSI tools give guidance to simplify this complexity by splitting it into two layers: a governance layer and a technical layer. So that the access governances become transparent, while management can focus on the governance aspects, the technical people can focus on technical layer and get the instructions through the governance layer.
Top-tier CSI tools
CSI Authorization Auditor 2014, is the audit & monitoring application for the authorization and role setup in SAP environments.
CSI Role Build & Manage 2014, supports the SAP authorization processes with fully automated SAP role building. By documenting all security requirements the application can build all SAP roles automatically.
CSI Integrate & Collaborate, enriches CSI Authorization Auditor 2014 Client/Server and / or CSI Role Build & Manage Client/Server.
The CSI Automated Request Engine, is a middleware application that processes user access requests based on XML input and generates XML output with the SoD results.
CSI Data Xtractor, is used to export tables from any SAP system and import SAP data into MS Access .mdb, MS Excel .xls and/or .xml files or to take data offline and examine them as an independent data viewing tool.
CSI Emergency Request, is an ABAP\4 based solution consisting of two components, to manage and control emergency activities and HR Infotype access.
Known as an independent software development company, CSI tools has developed software solutions for Access Governance of SAP environments since 1997. CSI tools has received many awards in 2015 for its innovations and products. In 2016, CSI tools is also planning to provide its solutions as a SaaS solution.
Johan Hermans, Consummate Professional of SAP
Johan Hermans, founder & CEO of CSI tools, started his career as a Financial Auditor and evolved to IT Auditor in 1997, with the foundation of CSI Belgium, which specialized in SAP authorizations, security and internal controls. He then specialized in internal controls and security for SAP environments. Later it in 2008 it split into axl & trax – a service company providing SAP Access Governance services and CSI tools – an independent software company.
Today, Johan is responsible for the general management of CSI tools and a regular speaker at International conferences as well as a guest-professor at universities. His vision is reflected in the software applications of CSI tools which is worldwide recognized by numerous multinationals and research firms.
Johan says, “Use innovation to grow your business. Introducing new ideas to the business and successful exploitation of these new ideas is crucial for business to improve its profitability.”