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Ofer Laksman | CEO & Chairman | Correlata Solutions

Correlata: Transforming Data Centers for the Future

In order to solve problems related to digital transformation and business efficiency they reside within, Correlata Solutions, founded in 2010, has aimed to become the single solution for IT and management alike. Correlata believes that IT is not a part of the business; IT is the business. IT infrastructure remained a dense network of intricate and interdependent structures and disruption can increase the risk that can affect other systems, causing damage to the company’s business and/as well as the brand. As a result, IT testing does not occur with the frequency, nor the horizontal and vertical as should be—but there remain hurdles to accomplishing such.
Correlata’s mission is to design, develop, and build a leading business center placing IT at the forefront of executive leadership. The company helps thwart catastrophic degradations, providing IT with full and comprehensive access to the data generated by IT assets. It has also built a patented analytics platform allowing insight into the daily health situational awareness of IT systems, thus, granting businesses to maximize their IT efficiency, save money, and mitigate the risks.
A Radically Changed Industry
According to Correlata, the industry has changed radically over the past 2-3 years, affecting and exposing some of the greatest risks to the largest data centers in the world. Whether it is GDPR, Department of Homeland Security, privacy laws, third party and supply chain ecosystems, or the millions of cyber threats, IT s still left in reactionary to threats versus proactive for accurate planning and budgeting.
Correlata believes that IT and management must together collaborate to lead the charge and bring initiatives together to include digital transformation, AI and machine learning, edge computing and quantum physics to be able to identify both the used and un-used resources within an entire data center (and its extensions).
The Laser-Focused Leader
With is keen knowledge-based, depth of industries trends and skill to lead organizations to success Ofer Laksman is the CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder of Correlata Solutions. One of his top priorities for 2019 is to accelerate the brand footprint, reaching global-leadership in the cognitive analytics business domain.
Ofer wishes to see Correlata Solutions double its growth from FY2018, by aligning its ecosystem with its business partners more effectively and driving the business more aggressively to be able to apply to more market demand/challenges and to be able to cover more technical issues Correlata faces on a daily basis. Ofer’s largest goal for 2019 and 2020 is to introduce Correlata into new segments which relate to cognitive analytics and ensure ongoing relationships with leading business partners.
Path Breaking Proactive Intelligence Capabilities
Correlata Solutions provides proactive intelligence capability of IT domain analysis, ensuring companies are using their IT resources investments efficiently while improving quality of service.
Correlata offers a unique dashboard that eventually incorporates data analytics and machine learning targeted to data center operational activities.

  • Cloud Migration: With Correlata’s Cloud Migration solution, clients can evaluate and analyze cloud environments while making unbiased recommendations based on the unique patters of system’s users.
  • IT Business Alignment: This solution ensures the appropriate IT resources are allocated to the right targets. It also ensures right-sized IT infrastructure services are claimed by right apps.
  • Investment Efficiency: This particular solution analyzes resource allocation in order to solve usage gaps.
  • Compliance and Regulation: Correlata ensures compliance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with internal policies. This solution also ensures adoption and implementation of external regulations.

Further, Correlata’s CorreAssess Platform helps organizations best comply with regulatory and compliance requirements, align IT to business needs in real-time, enforce effective SLA, and maximize IT investment efficiency – reducing CAPEX/OPEX costs. Correlata’s CorreAssess platform maximizes service availability by discovering potential availability risks to IT infrastructure elements supporting related critical financial services and correlating the involved infrastructure resources into a chain of elements, checking resiliency and redundancy of each element in the chain. This platform also helps sectors like healthcare by empowering healthcare service providers to deliver fast, secure and quality patient care while meeting compliance with the healthcare industry regulations of HIPPA or PCI, lowering the infrastructure risks to ensure clinical workflow and improve IT operations efficiency that cut unnecessary investment costs. Healthcare providers are challenged in delivering their services effectively, while driving new innovative technology, due to lack of holistic visibility on their IT infrastructure environments.
Various government and telecommunication companies are also being empowered by the Correlata’s solution, which eventually helps to identify availability risks to IT infrastructure elements supporting related critical services. This also helps telecommunication providers deliver fast, secured, and well-connected services to their customers, which at the end, helps to maintain a stable and robust high-availability across the entire IT infrastructure, while keeping DR and IT investments and operations low.
Planning for a Better Future
When it comes to the future, Correlata Solutions will continue to empower global enterprises to become digital transformers, granting actionable insights form the data center floor to the board room and management.