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Correlata Solutions: Feel your IT Business DNA and it’s true contribution

Correlata is changing the Data Center management domain with vendor-agnostic analytics solution that provides management and IT leader’s operations visibility helping to quantify the true value and contribution coming directly from IT to the business layer.
Feel your IT DNA by proactively visualize risks, trends, anomalies and misbehavior aligned to internal and external compliance rules.
Cloud migration –with Correlata you will make it smart accurate fast and swift without surprises.
Correlata is a visionary company that for the first time connect the operational side of the IT and his Data Center info directly to the business layer in a very simple language that make the info valuable to any level of decision maker, with a smart Key Business Indicator that makes sense from the data center floor to the boardroom.
Unlike existing tool using endless number of key performance indicator flooding the manager with uneasy to understand and without direct alignments to the core business goals, Correlata’s goal is to help, control, understand and bring a real transparency for your IT and becoming trusted adviser using their recommendation engine and pioneer business watch dog tool.
Correlata gives answer to all your daily challenges with the following services:
Bring a true Transparency for your infrastructure and operational MAZE with a holistic analytics engine while breaking the Silo-Effect Complexity (multi-platform & vendors).
Cloud transition – Correlata offers an empirical tool that gives you for the first time the true size of your environment for a full migration or a sub group of your business size for a partial or hybrid migration.
Cost transparency / Charge back – Correlata brings the ability to charge your IT cost with their Charge back empirical mechanism showing each P&L its accurate consumption of IT infrastructure assets and not based on non-empirical way such as employee number or license number etc.
Direct and Indirect savings via their efficiency model find and expose places and data center elements consuming power and coiling without any business contribution that could easily reclaim or shut down (reduce electricity, coiling and floor space).
Licensing Auditing –help and show the true needs for licenses, places where you can reduce and save cost. help you in external vendor audit!
Greener – Reduce Compute Footprint Reduce Power & Cooling, Reclaim Existing Elements and Global Warming.
Watch Dog – Correlata becomes your best friend like dog as they act as business watch dog – watching all the time, make sure that risk gets predicted in advance.
A Brilliant Leader with Graciousness 
Ami Avraham is the Executive Vice-President with vast experience in the ICT domain and 18+ years in senior management roles in leading Telecom & Finance companies with comprehensive business understanding and insight. He has expertise in Big Scale Operation and IT units, operations, budget, purchasing, negotiation, mergers and acquisition, cloud transition, BCP and regulation. Ami with his excellent interpersonal, strategic & tactical leadership skills, lead continuous improvement of Correlata.
Innovation and endless space of possibilities was the reason behind Ami starting with the software company. It is a place where every dream, even the craziest can be real and tangible. Ami’s wife, Michal, who is in the computer industry (tech development of BIG DATA & knowledge applications) enlightened him about the uniqueness and innovation that exists in the software world.
A Full-fledged Guide 
Correlata is not “just another tool”, but a solution which truly understands the pain and needs of the management layer where the tech is not just support or service for the organization, now, the tech is core of the activity and the generator of the business. In this giant maze, you need someone to help you understand, improve your control and become your advisor as well as watchdog, and thus Correlata. They bring easy way to understand base on an empirical algorithm that creates fantastic credibility in front of your managers, colleagues or any external/internal auditor.
Correlata executing time is very fast !!! –can deliver the project in just 4-6 weeks with huge cost saving (direct and indirect)- around 12% to 35% of the IT environment value.
Customer’s Trusted Adviser 
The solution that Correlata brings is innovative and unique, focused on: Cost optimization/savings, Operational excellency/efficiency Easy & smart Cloud transition. 
Correlata organization’s culture is based according to the market’s needs, customer’s pain & wishes, and creative thinking driven to a very fast executing ability focused on success. Their main goal is to earn the customer credibility and become their trusted adviser.
IT Industry All over the Place 
In general, two major changes occur – the first in which the IT system in the organization has become a key player and not only a business supporter, the second IT become generator of business opportunities derived from new technological capabilities and deeper business understanding than before.
IT services have become a commodity. It started with various applications, interfaces, WEB services, etc. But slow and steady the “Commodity” start to became a key player in the market. Today, both the organizational infrastructure and the operating system has become a service/commodity which his platform or location is more and more independent.
The world of infrastructure becomes “transparent” to the organization seeking for efficiency, flexibility and investment savings.
Bringing Positive Changes 
Correlata is a pioneer solution in the ITOA Market with a worth of 20 Billion USD by 2020. They have worldwide recognition and awards, including government funding and recognition. They aim to bring true change in the way computer infrastructures are managed and assigned.

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