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Correlata Solution: Changing the Status-Quo in the IT Management Domain

With the ever-growing complexity of IT infrastructure, too many heterogeneous silo operation systems, and the lack of ability; Ofer J. Laksman, Co-founder, and CEO, of Correlata Solution see the big picture to manage complete infrastructure towards unparalleled efficiency. He is determined to change the way companies manage their Data Center Infrastructure.
Correlata is a visionary company with a unique ability to cross-silo correlate hard-to-reach critical IT information from the entire Data Center infrastructure to provide proactive analytics insight. Through cutting-edge Holistic Automated Analytics Platform, Correlata helps companies gain the highest level of visibility and control on ALL their IT Infrastructure environments.
The company’s breakthrough technology is the first to solve the inherent silo effect in all current Data Center Infrastructure environments, by applying an advanced analytic engine with embedded and sophisticated rules. Their engine generates valuable information regarding wise usage of IT infrastructure investments, resource allocation efficiency, IT alignment to define SLA’s, service availability and data recovery risks – building a transparent ecosystem.
The company was founded in 2010 with a vision of revolutionizing the IT domain by building the most helpful IT operating system that will empower every IT person on the planet to lead to business excellency and Correlata mission is to develop and deploy IT solutions that enable all personnel involved in the information technology process – from the data center to the boardroom, with best-in-class results, service, and accountability.
Meet the Maestro
Ofer J. Laksman has 21 years of experience in the high-tech arena and more than 15 years of experience in senior management roles. With companies like HP, AMD, Compaq and SUN on his CV, Ofer leverages his technology and management experience to drive Correlata’s long term success. Ofer holds an M.Sc. degree from the New York Polytechnic University and is the founder and first Chairman of Round Table 8 – a worldwide volunteer organization.
“We will see more and more projects to promote the use of Green IT by reducing the overall energy and real estate footprint of government and enterprise data centers, reduce the cost of data center hardware, software and operations, increase the overall IT security posture , and shift IT investments to more efficient computing platforms and technologies,” assures Ofer J. Laksman.
“We will see more and more new developments which will be focused on efficiency and not optimization. A solution which will gain control and knowing what actually is happening in your environment, reveals powerful insights for delivering quality service and cost savings, changing the Status-Quo in the IT Management Domain,” he added.
First Class Services and Solutions Provider
Correlata is a visionary company, and its unique ability to cross-silo Correlate hard-to-reach critical IT information from the entire Data Center infrastructure to provide proactive analytics insight. Through cutting-edge Holistic Automated Analytics Platform, helps companies to gain the highest level of visibility and control on all IT Infrastructure environments. It helps customers to share real, accurate and up-to-date data across IT roles such as Executives, CIO and IT Managers with adaptive metrics specific to each role.
Correlata helps customers to anticipate IT infrastructure issues that may negatively impact the business. As applications are based on Multi-Vendor using various IT Resource types and tiers located in different IT Layers such as Storage, Network Servers, Virtualization platforms and protected by services such as redundancy, resiliency Data Protection and Disaster recovery in dynamic environments, It is imperative to measure the type of resource they allocate to Business Applications and the way they can rely on proper services to make sure that they can continue to provide Business services even they have a technical failure. The company focuses on a proactive approach, by changing the reactive mindset of managing problems with ticketing, notification, and remediation and alerting on IT infrastructure issues that should be fixed meanwhile the business is not suffering from an IT infrastructure failure.
Core SaaS Services
CorreAssess – One-Time Assessment: The One-Time Assessment is a great tool for a FAST, ACCURATE AUDIT diagnostic of the entire data center infrastructure environment. The goal of Correlata’s One-Time Assessment (OTA) is to highlight the gaps between IT infrastructure’s provisioned /allocated resources and the way they are claimed and used by different IT layers. The main OTA objectives are to provide a holistic health check of your data center operations, taking into consideration your deployment and compliance with internal regulations – providing you with a comprehensive and deep analysis report on the risks and savings.
CorreAssess – One-Time Assessment: The uniqueness of Correlata advanced platform lies within the Holistic Automated Proactive Analytics Engine (Patent-Allowed), which correlates the relationships between heterogeneous and multi-layer IT infrastructure systems. Implementing a proactive approach methodology of analyzing outcomes of IT hardware and software infrastructure provisioning, usability, availability, resiliency, and efficiency. The daily advanced data collection, allows IT leaders to get detailed insights and accurate KPIs that enable them to maximize management and operational capabilities and reduce the number of IT operational risks in a single click.
Future Insights
In the near future, Ofer sees the company investing resources and efforts to expand into a new business and Technologies domains, expanding the sales and operations and set the company network ecosystem with Business Partner. With this setup, their customers and prospects will enjoy from a range of services and quality delivery. This ecosystem will ensure that the company will become the leader in the Management of IT space, continue to develop new features and expand the technology domain into new areas.