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Correlata Awarded GSA Schedule 70 – IT Services

YAVNE, Israel – July 28, 2017 Correlata Solutions Ltd, announced today that the General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded the firm an IT 70 Schedule contract under STONS INC for contract GSA # GS-35F-153GA, at least until 2021.
The GSA IT 70 Schedule award will allow Correlata Solutions to considerably expose its competitive reach and pursue opportunities across government agencies that purchase services through this schedule.
The IT 70 Schedule covers delivery of a broad range of general purpose, commercial IT equipment, software and services. This contract provides a purchase mechanism for government agencies to directly procure the company’s data center’s optimization platform and service, easily and affordably.
Correlata (US Patent) was invited to participate in the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) RFI in order to share its unique solutions and services.
Correlata’s uniqueness is based on the fact that the company does not provide traditional DCIM solutions. DCIM has limited IT information that is based on provided manufacturer information, and not on an independent agent like Correlata.
Correlata provides Independent information that is based on data (data driven tool) and hardware to software communication with real information and analytics that helps management understand communication, collaboration, messaging, and operations dependencies regardless of where the data resides

Correlata provides the answer to all your daily challenges, and helps government and federal data centers meet (DCOI) Data Center’s Optimization Initiatives with the following services:
1.     Transparency: Correlata’s holistic analytics engine delivers true transparency for your infrastructure and operational MAZE while breaking the silo-effect complexity (multi-platform and vendors).
2.     Cloud transition: Correlata’s empirical tool provides you for the first time with data about the true size of your environment for a full migration or of a sub group of your business size for a partial or hybrid migration.
3.     Cost transparency / Charge back: Correlata’s charge back empirical mechanism shows each Profit and Loss and the accurate consumption of IT infrastructure assets and provides the ability to curb your IT costs. This unique mechanism is not based on non-empirical methods such as employee number or license number etc.
4.     Direct and Indirect savings: Correlata’s efficiency model locates and exposes places and data center elements that consume power and coiling and provide no business contribution that could easily reclaim or shut down (reduce electricity, coiling and floor space).
5.     Licensing auditing: Correlata helps and shows the true need for licenses, and points out where you can reduce and save costs, in addition to assistance with external vendor audits!
6.     Go Green: With Correlata you reduce computing footprints, reduce power and cooling, reclaim existing elements, and as a result contribute to the reduction of global warming.
7.     Watch Dog: Correlata becomes your best friend and “business watch dog” – constantly watching out and making sure risks get predicted in advance.
Correlata ensures you’re not just up and running, but highly available, resilient per your design intentions and business objectives so that you get the full benefits from already purchased, existing systems.
“We are excited and proud to be awarded our GSA contract,” said Ofer Laksman, Correlata CEO.  “This award gives us a great opportunity to directly serve various US government agencies and help them meet the (DCOI) Data Center Optimization Initiative Mandates by 2018 deadline more efficiently and cost effectively”, added Tsafrir Lahav, Correlata Government Internal Operations Director.
About Correlata
Correlata is the pioneer of Data Center Optimization Management (DCOM) solutions, and provides the most powerful platform for business IT leaders who can gain new insights into the daily well-being of their business IT operations and detect organizations’ vulnerabilities in advance, before they impact the business.
Correlata provides a new vendor-agnostic IT management layer that transforms IT operations and service metrics into business metrics, helping companies gain the highest level of visibility and control of ALL their IT Infrastructure environments, ensuring companies use their data center infrastructure investments in coordination with their design intentions and business objectives.
The company’s breakthrough technology is the first to solve the inherent silo effect in all current data center Infrastructure environments, by applying an advanced analytic engine with embedded and sophisticated rules. The Correlata engine generates valuable information regarding wise usage of IT infrastructure investments, resource allocation efficiency, IT alignment to define SLAs, service availability and data recovery risks – building a transparent ecosystem.
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