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Coronavirus forces Tesla to shut down California factory.

Tesla was ordered to shut down normal operations in its Fremont, California Factory for 3 weeks due to the Novel Coronavirus. San Francisco Bay Area had orders for a shelter-in-place and for that to be feasible Tesla had to suspend any activity. This legal imposition came into place when Tesla’s offices were up and running inspite of the order. The shelter-in-plaice order was released on 17th March as the leaders of the six counties of the Bay Area thought this would help slow down the spread of the virus.
All the residing individuals were instructed to not leave their homes for any nonessential business of any kind, except for the essential food runs. Tesla’s Valerie Workman, Head of HR had sent out an email stating that Tesla would be considered under “essential business” and therefore everyone should continue working normally. Though the email stated so, this was not the case, as Tesla’s automotive business did not directly fit the “essential business” criteria.
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla stated that deaths caused by motor car accidents are much higher than those caused due to Coronavirus. He also stated that the mere panic caused due to the virus is much more than the actual number of deaths. Musk had told his employees that the could stay home if they felt unwell, but it is not sure as to whether these employees would be given paid sick leave or not.