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Corent Technology: A SurPaaSing Cloud Migration Platform

Cloud migration has become a new form of gold rush for enterprises with access to the increasingly more economical, secure and manageable Cloud infrastructure. While Cloud technology has become a staple to many organizations’ infrastructure- with 70 percent of companies already having at least one application on the cloud, 95% of all enterprise applications still await their migration to the Cloud.
Cloud-enabling software applications and delivering them as scalable, efficient SaaS has been an arduous task due to a dearth of an automated, user-friendly, single platform to efficiently and effectively Cloudify and SaaSify software applications. Corent Technology Inc.– a privately held, California headquartered software company, had an early appreciation for the impact that the cloud model could have on the software industry. This spurred Corent to innovate on this key market challenge, to enable companies deliver their software applications “as a Service” using a configurable and reusable platform.
Simplifying Migration to Cloud and Transformation to SaaS
From the beginning, Corent had positioned itself a step ahead of its contemporaries by transforming software applications to a highly efficient multi-tenant SaaS, without having to re-write it- thus making the applications dynamically configurable based on business activity rather than the infrastructure. This is Software Defined SaaS® (SDS) and the services from Corent are inspired by the belief that SDS represents the future of the cloud and indeed the software industry.
Corent’s SurPaaS®platform rapidly scans and analyzes software applications to rank and rate their suitability for the cloud. According to Corent’s CEO, Feyzi Fatehi, “The SurPaaS platform is developed to automatically scan, analyze, optimize, migrate, manage, and optionally ‘SaaSify’ software applications”. SurPaaS rapidly transforms practically any application, whether it was born on the cloud or was migrated to the Cloud, into a fully instrumented SaaS, on any cloud and without any programming.
Corent further expanded its concept to a spectrum of ‘tenancy models’ such as Virtual Multi-Tenancy, Hybrid Tenancy and pioneered the concepts of SaaS-enablement or ‘SaaSification’ that are now commonly used terminologies in the industry. Corent has also introduced ‘Private SaaS’ – another key term to the industry-, to leverage the SaaS model for delivery of the service within the enterprise or the extended enterprise. Corent’s SurPaaS platform enables a software application to rapidly become a fully instrumented SaaSusing its wizard style “Software Defined SaaS®” platform.
Corent Offers Comprehensive& Unified Product Line
Corent’s SurPaaS includes but not limited to the following SaaS offerings
SurPaaS® MaaS™(Migration as a Service) -Analyzes and Migratesapplications to the cloud within hours and has been OEMed and private labeled by key global IT consulting firms as the core component of their Cloud Migration Services.
SurPaaS®Analyzer -acts as an X-Ray machine for software applications and provides migration and Cloudification options to meet the business and technology objectives of the clients.
SurPaaS® Shift– automates the migration to the Cloud based on the results of the Analyzer and objectives of the clients.
SurPaaS® PaaS Shift™– is the only cloud migration platform with PaaS integration capability. PaaS Shift™ automatically migrates an application to the Cloud with a rearchitected deployment topology that includes the desired PaaS services.
SurPaaS® Ops– helps clients to manage the complete lifecycle of their applications and makes it easy for them to redeploy those applications as robust scalable applications on the Cloud.
SurPaaS® Transform– rapidly transforms software applications to an elastic, fully instrumented, and if desired multi-tenant SaaS solutions without programing.  This enables the clients to monitor, meter, and manage all their software applications from the cloud (public or private,) and from a single management platform.
SurPaaS® Meter is used for monitoring the activities both at the system and at the application level to track and bill them based on actual usage of the services. While a great enabler of new business models for enterprise SaaS solutions, SurPaaS Meter can also be used for more effective monitoring and control as well as metering and monetization of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that delivered as a SaaS service.
Keeping the Customers in the Driver Seat
Customers using SurPaaS for cloud migration can accomplish their transition at about one tenth of the time and effort, and with better results. The SurPaaS capabilities for automated application analysis and smart migration to Cloud (and to Cloud PaaS services) accelerate the journey to the cloud and ensures that the benefits of cloud transition are achieved. Those using SurPaaS for cloud migration have a higher success rate in achieving their objectives, whether they may be cost management, scalability, performance or resiliency. They could achieve faster time to market for their SaaS applications, at much less cost and with up to 12 times more efficiency in on-going cost of service delivery.
Partners of Corent which includes SIs, MSPs and Cloud Service Providers, can tailor and utilize their SurPaaS platform to deliver these capabilities to their customers. Thus, enhancing their own capabilities to enable customers on their transition to SaaS in the cloud.
Clients of Corent have a complete set of “as a Service” capabilities including management of the key SaaS tenancy, operational and commercial aspects of their business delivered to them from the cloud as SaaS. They also have the added benefit of hosting their SaaS offering(s) on any cloud, in one or more geographic locations while managing all their tenants centrally.
 SaaS is Driving IaaS and PaaS Consumption
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has been expanding and maturing for years and despite that it is still quite a task to get all the applications migrated to the cloud. It is a commonly known that only about 5% of the applications are migrated to some form of IaaS or Cloud.  SaaS however is boosting both IaaS and PaaS services, with the biggest percentage of cloud sustainable growth being driven by the adoption of SaaS applications. Cloud Service Providers are all in landgrab mode and are vying for market share doing many of the same things that hardware and OS vendors did in the past. Corent at its innovation lab is coming up with more methods to make the software transformation to SaaS more comprehensive and efficient and become a further dispensable tool to the Cloud Service Providers as well as to the Software Industry.
10X Innovation: The Force that Defines Corent
Corent’s goal is to inspire a culture of 10X innovation within the enterprise and boost their customers’ ability to carry on and extend the innovation journey. Currently, Corent is enhancing the capabilities of SurPaaS for managing the operations of applications in an increasingly effective and efficient manner. They are working on a method where applications can be migrated directly to the PaaS services and they can be leveraged by applications to provide the highly desirable granularity and scalable elasticity of the cloud.
SaaS-Ops™ capabilities are being enhanced to enable any application, on any Cloud, and using any Technology Stack to be managed and operated in an efficient manner like a SaaS application.
The toughest challenge for Corent was in the early days of cloud, when they found that their vision was so radically ahead of what most people were thinking, that it was difficult to convince people that it was either necessary or even possible. They found reception only when the cloud market started to mature and gain momentum, and increasingly people started to realize the impact and necessity of the shift to SaaS.
Corent’s culture and leadership promotes relentless sense of persistence, perseverance and accomplishment. As per Feyzi, at the core of Corent’s success are three things- bright&passionatepeople, innovative products and genuine partnerships.

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