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CoreHealth Technologies: The #1 All-In-One Corporate Wellness Platform

Inspired by the idea of keeping people healthy and how technology and design drives success, CoreHealth Technologies was founded in 2004. Since its inception, CoreHealth has become the leading corporate wellness platform trusted by over 1000 organizations, from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and serves over 2 million employees worldwide in multiple languages.
At CoreHealth, they believe that developing the best employee wellness programs is all about giving wellness companies the right code, design and access to the latest innovations. With the most customizations, integrations and reliability of any software in its class, CoreHealth’s powerful platform lets users focus on growing great companies.
Foundation for Wellness Companies around the Globe
As more and more organizations see the benefit in helping employees be healthy and well, the wellness industry is booming and CoreHealth’s technology is the foundation for providers everywhere. CoreHealth is a Canadian-based technology company that helps wellness companies around the globe design and deliver unique, affordable and engaging wellness programs to their clients using its corporate wellness platform.
The CoreHealth’s platform is the secret sauce for many providers as they re-brand and re-sell its software to their clients. CoreHealth customers include corporate wellness companies, insurers and their wellness divisions, employee assistance providers, group benefits brokers and human resources consulting firms.
As a technology company, CoreHealth constantly strives to revolutionize the corporate wellness industry and help wellness companies move beyond traditional wellness programs. While their technology enables organizations to deliver the traditional wellness offerings like health assessments, biometrics, challenges, coaching and so on – they also like to shake things up.
New Way for Organizations to Engage Empoyees in their Health
Recently, they introduced the Wellness Compass, which provides a new way for organizations to engage employees in achieving health and well-being. Employees no longer want a one-size-fits-all approach – they want the flexibility and choice to control their journey to health rather than being prescribed approaches, a method common in wellness programs today. The Wellness Compass enables employees to pick and choose their tools and tailor a personalized health journey with the ability to track and celebrate their progress and success at critical milestones.
Leading Female Entrepreneur
Anne Marie, Founder and CEO of CoreHealth Technologies is a leading female entrepreneur and has been recognized by national awards panels. Prior to CoreHealth, she held multiple technology leadership roles as a professional software engineer in the health industry. Anne Marie has been at the forefront of health and wellness innovation – leading the CoreHealth team in developing a sophisticated technology platform that empowers the wellness innovators of tomorrow.
CoreHealth Values and Culture
The values to which CoreHealth has always remained true are:

  • Self-Responsibility – Taking care of self first + being 100% responsible for their life.
  • Simple Flexibility – Everything we do has to challenge the simplicity and flexibility status quo.
  • Positive Change – There is always room for improvement.
  • Innovation – Making life better.
  • 360° Health – Being healthy from health to wealth and everything in between.
  • Fun – Work hard. Play hard. Laugh often.

“These serve as our guiding principles. We are a performance-driven organization that gives employees the flexibility and autonomy to get involved in projects that align with their personal interests enabling them to shine. We find that employees are most engaged when what they are doing aligns with their personal values and passions,” asserts Anne Marie.
CoreHealth Strategy
CoreHealth’s technology strategy focusses on four facets:

  1. Evolve Wellness Technology

Even though their platform is fairly mature, CoreHealth continues to evolve it to make sure customers are successful in delivering their wellness programs to their clients. They ensure that it supports the latest trends from responsive, slick and high tech portal designs, wearable integrations, data analysis and reporting, and much more. Included in this, is the innovation of new solutions that will improve the success rate of wellness programs.

  1. Provide a Wellness Ecosystem

Over the years, they have worked with many best-in-class wellness vendors and providers who have created their products directly on CoreHealth’s platform or have integrated with it. Because wellness companies want seamless integrations, CoreHealth is actively growing their Wellness Network of providers to ensure customers can easily bolt on the latest tools and products to create an extensive wellness program. This Wellness Network has been modelled off the SalesForce AppExchange to make it easier for system integrations.

  1. Thought Leadership

At CoreHealth, they continually look for ways to improve the success of preventive programs. For example, a key success factor in employee wellness is that senior executives buy-in to wellness. CoreHealth recently created an Executive Dashboard that looks at data completely differently than any other products to date. This Dashboard gives executives an easily understandable way to track and measure program results. CoreHealth is providing a means to make wellness programs successful without the complications of tracking ROI while providing insights into data that, in turn, helps customers engage the right people.

  1. International Growth

CoreHealth is entering growth mode through global expansion. They have been very successful in North America and have recently re-branded and started a PR program that will expand global awareness of CoreHealth’s capabilities and market.  Currently, CoreHealth has customers in Israel (where the platform was translated to Hebrew), New Zealand, Spain, UK, Mexico, and Bermuda.
Continuous Rise Over the Years to Come
Over the coming years, you will see continuous innovation and growth at CoreHealth. They intend to continue evolving their wellness platform to respond to new industry and customer demands including, continued focus on big data analytics, integrations with third-party wellness providers, and helping their customers grow their businesses.

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