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David Cummings | founder & CEO | Cool Life CRM

Cool Life CRM: Helping Clients to Make Better Business Decisions

Cool Life CRM was founded with the mission to make a low-cost customer relationship management (“CRM”) system, easy to implement and maintain. Such a system enables business owners to streamline processes, allowing for swift intelligent decisions to drive any business, regardless of size and industry. The organization is a full-service business e-suite that enables clients to configure their customer database without the use of thirdparty consultants or programmers, unlike SalesForce and other leading large-scale CRM platforms.
Cool Life’s standard platform allows clients to go beyond traditional CRM and into the realm of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), integrating with other systems and service providers while improving the client’s workflow experience. Among the features Cool Life CRM offers are;

  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) compliant
  • Client-specific unique database
  • Buy-Side Sell-Side functionality
  • Business valuation process
  • Advanced valuation process
  • Project Management
  • Customer relationship management CRM
  • eMarketing suite
  • Tasks and Action Management
  • Email integration – (outlook, Gmail, etc.)
  • Ability to implement articles and blogs
  • Reporting (canned, custom, user-generated)
  • Secure client-facing portal
  • Screen manager
  • Expanded API integration.

Catering Diverse Set of Verticals 
Cool Life caters to a diverse set of verticals, from small businesses to enterprise-sized companies with several subsidiaries. The organization’s strategy for building its customer base is a targeted outbound strategy to generate inbound leads, combined with a high-quality, informative and attractive website, as well as social media, blogging, and expos.
Cool Life’s system was created with versatility and architecture based on a ‘no assumptions’ philosophy. As an organization, Cool Life doesn’t anticipate knowing everything a vertical or an individual may need. The architecture is extremely flexible in adding or enhancing features and functionality to accommodate any requirements. The company’s mission is to significantly streamline and organize its clients’ business processes, improving on analysis of data via quality reporting, leading to better marketing execution, instead of juggling one-off, disconnected tasks.
Integrating Everyday Business Processes across Several Divisions 
Cool Life is a more advanced system, providing features and functions that can integrate everyday business processes across a company with several divisions. The platform is especially useful for businesses that have long or complex sales cycles requiring continual customer connection. It also offers collaborative project management tools, document management and archives, event management, a Content Management System (CMS), email campaign management, and more.
It is a collaborative system that enables management to assess the status of customer prospects without disrupting those interfacing with prospects, promoting these end-users working together toward common goals of customer acquisition. Like its competition, Cool Life can be scaled globally as a network, but what sets Cool Life apart is the ease of scalability that it offers to modify or augment the system, according to changing needs of the business. This brings an immediate benefit, and avoids the time and expense associated with the drudgery of hiring consultants, writing business rules and modifying and testing code, as is so prevalent with other CRM systems.
The Secret of a Happy and Committed Workforce 
Workplace culture is a critical element in the company’s success, and management strives for a happy and committed workforce. Cool Life Several people began working remotely when the organization moved to North Carolina from New York. Cool Life’s user base enjoy collaboration and communication across departmental groups as each employee has the same access to the core platform, whether it is sales, customer service or programming, and the same is true at Cool Life – they practice what they preach. Cool Life offers reimbursement for education related to job or industry education. Senior executives of the company have plans to roll out an options plan to all employees shortly after the current fundraising is complete.
The Dependable Skipper 
As the Founder and CEO of Cool Life CRM, Inc., David Cummings provided the leadership  experience to assemble a team of professionals who successfully launched the company in 2003. Under David’s leadership, the Cool Life team has developed a cutting edge “Cloud”-based product that will rival any existing CRM based platform. From there, the company evolved, with a carefully implemented strategic plan, and with a design and development team that created Cool Life’s subscription-based platform in 2016. It now serves a market that has become much more demanding, with more and more data and an ever-increasing mix of media channels. On demand Software-as-a-Service offers real-time data, functionality, and reporting that facilitates effective management of companies, with quality customer information always available and reporting that allows for good use of that data. Cool Life’s approach keeps data integrity consistent throughout a company’s user base, a critical advantage in today’s communication heavy world.
Staying Ahead of the Competition 
Being a SaaS-based platform, Cool Life is now on the leading edge of responsive technologies so that clients can access their account from any device with an Internet connection. The organization is currently in the final test stages of a Cool Life app that will enable users to access and manage their accounts without any Internet connection. All the features and modifications on the app will be updated automatically when the device reconnects to WIFI or cellular service.
The Leader in Real-Time Effective Data 
There are significant differences that separate Cool Life CRM as a leader in real-time customer data.

  • Every customer has a unique database -no shared databases. Each customer’s data remain exclusively owned by the client, guaranteed, unlike most of the larger competitors in the industry.
  • Cool Life’s customer cost of entry and ongoing subscription offers exceptional value. At no time is the customer in need of third party programmers or consultants for modifications or augmentation of needs – unlike the leading providers within the industry.
  • The platform allows the customer to establish a process that fits their specific business model, needs, and workflow. Cool Life’s competitors have a more inflexible ‘template’ approach that lacks flexibility.

With these critical elements, the instant real-time data and its reporting give business leaders accurate answers about their customer base that result in effective decision-making. In every business, time is money, and remaining competitive in the CRM space requires on-point data for swift decision making.
The Mantra of ‘No Assumptions’ 
According to the company, the experiences and requests across several diverse verticals brought the company to its mantra of ‘no assumptions.’ The platform architecture is modular and objectoriented programming, making it easy to execute new features, functions, or enhancements to the base attributes of the system. This versatility is especially vital to permissions implemented for access by for users, where the data is controlled but also available across the enterprise. Unlike the competition, Cool Life CRM enables the client to modify their data structure on their own and avoid excessive time and cost when hiring a certified third-party consultant to complete the discovery on the existing structure and process flows to determine the necessary changes.
When it comes to versatility and flexibility, Cool Life CRM responds to new requirements or integration better than anyone. As a SaaS platform, the organization is continuously enhancing the system and publishing the latest enhancements regularly. Cool Life CRM often rolls out improvements well before its clients even recognize the need.
Client Testimonials 
“We have been able to improve our effectiveness and become more organized in our communication.” Walker Morgan – Morgan Linen, Inc. 
“By far, the best CRM value in the market. Ease of use and customization makes it perfect for our firm.” Andrew Smith, Houlihan Capital 
“Keeps us organized, provides transparency to our leadership on the sales team, drives revenue, a great depository for all our data too!” Michael Yardley – Dowling Hales Investment Banking 
“The system has been easy to use with no problems.” Fr Erik, Embrace Life Chiropractic
Quote: “Cool Life CRM will improve your knowledge of your operation, giving insight into areas that need improvement and impact profitability.”