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Connie Linder: Leading the World to a Sustainable Tomorrow

Leadership often requires one to be inclined towards adopting and upholding a certain cause, with the purpose of metamorphosing into someone who projects an impact. When this cause is directed towards aiding the sustainable development of a community, it becomes a noble responsibility. It is commendable how influential people and organizations voluntarily take up this responsibility and pledge to contribute in taking it global. Intengine is of a similar mission, making the information about such responsible organizations easily accessible to consumers and business that care for the same cause. But at Intengine’s core, is Connie Linder, the founder, CEO and Director, exhibiting a fervency for sustainability and innovative startups. She founded Intengine to make innovative, socially and environmentally responsible products and services, more widely accessible.
Connie’s vision for women in business is that they continue to face everything with a strong vision and the resilience to keep going despite challenges. This is also the most important quality that she attributes her success to. Through the years she was constantly told ‘this is too big’, ‘you won’t be able to do it’, however, she knew what she wanted as the outcome and that turned out to be the world’s largest resource and database for supply chain.
Driving a Global Change
Intengine has the world’s most comprehensive and relevant database of responsible businesses, the largest database of social and environmental accreditation organizations with their certifications, and business listings with these standards. Intengine includes all industry sectors and business listing types that can be filtered for local application with a global reach.
Acting also as an aggregator of in-depth knowledge, Intengine’s site is constantly expanding to deliver meaningful, multi-sourced information to its users, empowering them to educate themselves and make real changes by providing them with all they need in one place. They also highlight the Sustainable Development Goals of each company listed to reflect their social and environmental commitments.
“We are positioned to be the leading information source, database and global marketplace for healthier procurement – and our name rings true to this! Intengine blends ‘intention’ and ‘engine’, making it the engine for good,” Connie expresses.
The Scepter of Empowerment
Stating her insight over women empowerment and leadership, Connie comments, “You are empowered when you align yourself with a greater good, and work to be your best self. Look inward and not outwards, and never allow yourself to be a victim of circumstance. Great companies are built, not born. It takes perseverance and resilience. Love is the core. Pragmatic action is the way forward.”
It is a competitive industry and can be brutal too. She remembers many occasions where mostly she has been the only woman in the board room. She has often been treated differently than her male counterparts, especially earlier in her career. She emphasizes on not falling into the trap of being the victim, and on staying true to one’s values, treating people as one would like to be treated and doing one’s best with an open mind and an open heart.
Connie expresses that trusting her instincts; discernment about people – whom to listen to, whom to trust; prioritizing what to work on and what to say ‘no’ to, were some of the most important decisions she has made as a leader.
She adds that in addition to the stress that comes along with being an entrepreneur, women often still are the primary foundations for their families at home. “It is important to establish a support system for yourself and your family,” Connie asserts.
Suiting Up, Setting Benchmarks
In her advice to fellow entrepreneurs and budding women leaders, Connie states, “Respect yourself and try to bring your best self to your work and be really good at what you do. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck feeling like you are a victim of your circumstance. Step up and write your own story. I believe that the universe supports those who align with positive goals that are good for humanity and have the faith that big, beautiful dreams can come true.”
She additionally underlines the fact that entrepreneurs need to have vision, strength, patience, focus and perseverance. Compassionate entrepreneurs need to base their vision on a foundation of integrity and an intention for outcomes that benefit people and the environment. Facing everything with a strong vision and possessing the resilience to keep going despite challenges is of utmost importance.
Voyaging Every Horizon
In her answer to what can be expected from her organization in the upcoming years, Connie asserts, “Growth, Growth, Growth. We will be the centralized place individuals and businesses will come to for the new economy. Governments and businesses will use our database for procurement. We will connect consumers with information of the WHY and show WHERE and HOW. We have an important role as facilitators and educators for the new economy.”
Being a responsible citizen with a cause to create a sustainable environment, Connie considers herself responsible and able to answer the questions of “Where do we drop off this waste product? Where can we find a new widget that uses less water, has more recycled content, uses less energy, etc.?”
Connie is currently fine-tuning Intengine’s platform to improve functionality and visibility, while working on forging strategic collaborations with content providers and accreditation agencies to grow and scale the business and maximize its effectiveness for the company’s members. Connie feels encouraged after seeing first hand, her vision coming to life. She also comprehends that with progress, comes challenges. “My organization is transforming with new people with different skillsets. Ensuring that we attract the right talent with synergistic personalities that work together can be challenging,” states Connie.