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Configurable Management: A Zero-Code Platform for SAP Development and Integration

Configurable Management has out of the box SAP integration that accesses the tens of thousands of BAPIs or RFMs available in SAP, or any custom BAPIs or RFMs. This means there is zero-code involved for SAP development.
ERP software is defined, at a macro level, by process problems to solve. Business rules and workflow software can fill the gaps inherent in ERP software’s. We fill these gaps with zero-code, graphical editors so our client’s focus on rapidly deploying solutions, not ridged, time consuming code dependent development.
Brief us about your company. What kind of solutions/services/products offered by Configurable Management at par with the current industry standards?
Our flagship offering, Decisions For SAP Solutions™, is a zero-code digital decisioning platform that provides the ability to rapidly and iteratively develop and deploy master data governance, business process automation, application development, and robotic processing solutions without writing a single line of code. We have out of the box interfaces for SAP (ECC and HANA) as well as for Salesforce, DocuSign and numerous other systems of record.
Tell us something about the Founder/CEO. Explain about his role in the success of your company.
I began my career in manufacturing operations and focused on process re-engineering for over 15 years. In the mid 90’s I began a 20+ year SAP implementation journey. These combined experiences illuminated the need for cost effect technological offerings that could be utilized by both the business and IT. That has been our passion, mission and focus for the last 14 years.
What is the inspiration behind the success of your company?
It is actually very simple. We serve our clients well. We help them improve data quality, automate painful and costly manual processes, and we teach our clients to do this themselves. If you are around our office, you will often here me say “always do the right thing”.  Honesty and integrity are in Configurable Management’s DNA and it shows in the way we live professionally as well as personally.
What is the present scenario of the SAP industry? How are you contributing to making it better?
In broad terms companies are mature in their SAP implementation, utilization and experience base. Virtually every client or prospect we speak with needs to improve data quality and automate manual processes. But they need cost effective platforms to achieve these needs. Decisions For SAP Solutions solves all of the above.
What makes your company unique in the market?
Decisions For SAP Solutions is a zero-code product that can solve problems requiring simple workflow needs all the way through to complex application development. All with the ability to make access to SAP a zero-code effort.
Tell us something about the benefits gained by your clients/users from you.
Improved collaboration between the business and IT. Both areas of the business can utilize Decisions For SAP Solutions because everyone uses self-documenting graphical design editors. And, virtually overnight, one can increase their development staff without adding headcount by empowering the business.
What scopes and challenges are coming with the introductions of new technologies?
We often experience clients utilizing technologies outside of the scope of a given product. For example, Salesforce is a great CRM product, but it is not a digital decisioning platform. However, we have seen clients attempting to use it as such. Most companies need an ERP system, a CRM System, and maybe PLM or some other very specific niche application. Beyond that, a good digital decisioning platform will solve 90%, or greater, of the remaining business process gaps.
What can be expected from your company in near future?
We will be offering run-time only applets for commonly needed solutions such as Capital Expense Requests, individual master data objects, and other transactional related needs.