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Computhink: Working without Barriers- Contentverse ECM Enables All Options

Remote working is changing how the Global Workspace operates. Dramatically accelerated by recent events it has altered the way many companies do business, focusing on the need to quickly revise procedures and file management practices. A recent report from Gartner confirms that even amidst a global crisis, those employers that have embraced the new remote workspace concept have experienced a significant increase of employee productivity and higher job satisfaction, which is translating into enormous profitability. Companies need to evolve quickly, removing barriers, if they want to not only get by but actually prosper. The best way to ensure that a business can adapt is to use a software environment that adapts with them, solves a variety of needs at once, and offers tools to meet the unique challenges companies are facing worldwide.
Computhink’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, Contentverse 2020, offers the Remote Digital solution with access from anywhere, comprehensive security, and a variety of deployment options for your entire organization. With comprehensive ECM to accelerate business processes and streamline content sharing, even from afar, no business has to limit their efficiency during unique times, no matter where their employees are.
Access from Afar
With many organizations operating remotely, digitization of customer account data, financial records, and internal information is the answer to the perceived inconvenience of working from home and cutting the cord of physical documents. These businesses are discovering the greater need for content management software. ECM systems have been prepared for major adoption for years as outsourcing and telecommuting have steadily risen. Solutions like Contentverse allow organizations to store files in a consolidated structure, accessible to everyone on internal teams with permissions, and inaccessible to everyone else. Files can be stored in local servers at the office and logged into remotely, or they can be hosted in the cloud. A third option is to mix both for unique needs.
The new Contentverse 2020 is packed full of feature functionality, allowing users to file, locate, edit, and process any document in their organization with ease, anytime, anywhere. With the 2020 version’s new Enterprise Online client, users experience full functionality via a streamlined, responsive interface, no matter from which browser they access it. Contentverse’s CV Mobile application for Android and Apple devices allows users to access their filing structure and workflows on the go. Snap a picture of an invoice or an RFP and leverage the built-in OCR engine as you process it. Add any document into Contentverse from your phone or tablet, and search your entire database with ease when you need to retrieve it. With web-based and mobile versatility, your team can access Contentverse whenever they need to, even while working from home.
Comprehensive Online and Off-line Security
It has become obvious that, without the right systems in place, data breaches and ransomware will have a field day even with enterprise filing structures. A company that wants to protect its information needs to invest in the right content management. Contentverse’s user permissions govern who in the company sees what files, and a dedicated security manager can limit the breadth of administrative oversight to tighten access. Additional document rights and permissions can then be designated to control what a user can and cannot do with the documents. For example, a password-protected redaction on sensitive document information and print-screen prevention further protect data. Audit trails and flexible redactions round out internal security for the solution. Not only can you keep tabs on who opened what and when, you can also redact portions of documents so that internal users with access don’t stumble upon sensitive data for the board or C-suite.
Ensuring security for documents that need to be shared with individuals outside the organization, while minimizing the risk of GDPR exposure and similar compliance legislation, is paramount. Contentverse Sentinel provides secure, controlled access of select documents to those outside of the system while maintaining absolute security, and without additional licensing cost. Encryption in transit and at rest provides multiple layers of encryption to ensure hackers won’t be able to break in from any angle. Complemented with enhanced online security with SSL encryption for all web-based clients, and your remotely accessed data is totally secure.
Hosted, On-Premise, and Hybrid
Many industries’ regulatory requirements prohibit the use of cloud services. Sensitive government or customer data cannot be kept in multi-tenancy servers. Security measures require closed networks with no internet access, which makes external hosted environments untenable. On the flip side, there are several verticals that benefit from cloud storage and file management using standard and/or highly secure Government level cloud hosting. Every use case has different deployment demands particular to their industry, location, company size, and so on.
Contentverse can be deployed in hosted, on-premise, and hybrid environments. The hybrid deployment option opens up a wide variety of deployed, hosted and onpremise, server/services, storage, and database options. This gives customers versatility, opening availability to virtually every industry. With Contentverse 2020’s new Enterprise Online client, users experience full functionality via a streamlined, responsive interface, no matter from which browser they access it. Additionally, with the option to leverage SSL encryption for web clients, accessing Contentverse over the internet is more secure than ever.
Even with onboarding, there is no one-size-fits-all. Computhink offers customers access to the Contentverse Knowledge Center (CKC), a web-based training platform and a portal for end users and administrators to learn how to manage Contentverse and use its core features. The CKC provides various pathways made up of video courses and interactive assessments – customers get a hands-on, in-depth education. Depending on the modules selected, user level, and company needs, customers can also tailor their CKC experience to suit their setup. Your team doesn’t need to be at the office to quickly adopt Contentverse.
The Right Solution for Remote
Contentverse 2020 empowers digital teams in the office, at home, abroad, and on the road. The remote solution has been around for long before working from home became the norm, and it will continue transforming business environments long after many companies return to the workplace. The remote access capabilities of web clients and mobile mean that your team doesn’t even have to transport their machines to maintain productivity. Document security has never been stronger, complemented by features like double layer encryption, online SSL encryption, and Content Sentinel for sharing files safely outside of the organization. With so many ways to deploy Contentverse 2020, no business needs to worry about their dependency on internal technology and/or hosted environments. Whether your workforce is in the office, at home, or out to lunch, Contentverse is always right where you need it.