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Comparing Learning Management Systems: Features To Think About

Learning Management System

With the radical shift from mechanical electronic technology to digital electronics, virtual training and learning has witnessed rapid growth. 
Several companies are now looking to switch from their traditional methods to online training and invest in a learning management system that fulfills their business needs. A learning management system or an LMS is a cloud-based software that enables one to create, execute, and track various training initiatives that companies are now hosting online. 
There are numerous features that make an LMS effective. When you are planning to invest in an LMS or planning to upgrade to an improved version, it is best to look for the below-mentioned features. This will help you make a cost-effective investment. 
Features to consider when comparing various LMS  

  • Relocation of data

The data migration feature of an LMS ensures that you are capable of transferring your data from your existing LMS or hard drive to your new LMS software. An LMS is worth investing in if it supports a wide range of formats and makes the transition process smooth for the users. TalentLMS is one such cloud learning platform that makes it simple to transfer your historical data.  

  • Gamification tools 

Point scoring, competitiveness, and rewards can often keep the user motivated and inspired while using LMS. Gamification tools in an LMS yield this and several other benefits. When you compare Tovuti LMS with other software, you can conclude that Tovuti LMS not only increases the level of retention but also the ROI of online training. An effective LMS offers several features of gamification including leaderboards, badge customizations, levels, points, rewards, etc. Thus, appealing to the competitive nature of the employees. 

  • Software customizations

Conveying your brand image via the learning management system is essential to create cohesiveness. It not only helps in awareness but also fosters loyalty. Thus, an effective LMS is one that is capable of customizations and integrates your brand logo, color palette, and other branding features. Apart from the cosmetic features, you should also be able to add watermarks, icons, and modify the layout as per yours or your users’ needs. 

  • Diversified browser access

When you are comparing various learning management systems, ensure that the LMS supports mobile learning. This means that a good LMS allows you to access your training materials using a mobile phone or a tablet. When your learners are capable of using their materials from any location, they are more motivated to complete their training. VioletLMS is one such cloud-based platform that allows you to access your materials from varied screen sizes. 

  • Personalized learning paths 

An LMS would be effective if it gives users a chance to personalize their learning paths. Learning paths ensure that each user is able to select online training initiatives on the basis of their own performance and gaps. This gives them a chance to achieve their specific goals at their own pace, without having to compete with their fellow colleagues. When you are comparing varied LMS, make sure you look for this feature in your choice of software. 

  • Support Services 

When planning to invest in an LMS, ensure that it offers support services to avoid any hindrances. A few support services that you can check for are free call support or email communications. Make sure you clear all your doubts with the vendor about the assistance that they provide when comparing various LMS.
Investing in a learning management system can sometimes be overwhelming for many. However, an LMS that offers all the required features to achieve your business goals can quickly turn it into a cost-effective decision. The above-mentioned features are just a few factors that you should keep in mind when comparing LMS.   

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