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Commercial IT Solutions: Moving Businesses to the Cloud

Founded in 2005, as a Managed Services and Break-Fix company, Commercial IT Solutions has now evolved into one of the Top Managed Cloud companies in San Antonio and it has achieved this feat by providing enterprise-level IT practices and cutting-edge solutions that helps clients to grow their business.
With CIT Cloud, clients can connect from anywhere without any interruption with advanced productivity. They take their clients’ business off the ground by offering a Managed Cloud Solution so their clients can focus on business and protect it by utilizing Cloud backup, security, and file-sharing facilities. SMB’s are starting to realize that they could get left behind and miss out on savings and growing their business, if they don’t adopt a Cloud solution in the very near future. Technology is evolving which means that it allows for niche services, which in turn becomes a wise financial investment for clients. As an IT provider, the team at CIT works as a specialist when it comes to Managed Cloud solutions.
About the Creative Leader of CIT
20 years ago, Niklas Rosen, President/CEO of Commercial IT Solutions started his IT journey as a break-fix provider by serving small businesses with their IT needs. Ever since he activated his first email account while he attended UT Austin Business school, he was hooked on IT. He actually majored in finance, but received an opportunity to start a small computer company where he was able to get his feet wet and kept going from there.
As President and CEO of CIT, Niklas’s goal is to be at the forefront of technology and continue to help small to medium sized businesses grow. Today, CIT has evolved into a Managed Cloud company with over 100 customers throughout Texas. CIT Cloud Office allows businesses to simplify their IT by hosting their entire network, apps and data in the Cloud.
Niklas is a dedicated businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit that has placed Commercial IT as one of the premier IT organizations in the city. He has a very high level of expertise in providing technology services. He understands each detail and the importance of the client’s needs and takes each project assignment from idea to perform beyond expectations.
Advanced Services and Solutions
CIT provides top-notch Managed Cloud and Managed Services for small to medium sized businesses. They differ from other IT providers because of their custom solutions which is provided for each customer. Not every business has the same environment or challenges, so CIT tailors those solutions to fit their needs. They provide 24/7/365 support for their customers, so that client can always feel connected and have confidence in the solutions they are providing.
A Unique Player in the Field of IT Solution
Fluctuations in technology are a continual experiment with any IT company. Ensuring that CIT is educated on those advancements, they are doing everything to stay on top of all the challenges. They are doing continuous research and giving time for learning new things and making sure that they will be ready to offer services to their customers without any privation.
CIT offered something that other IT companies weren’t even considering adding as a service about 6 years ago. After years of experience, CIT now is ruling as a specialist in the Cloud environment. They were working on a virtual desktop before most even knew what Desktop as a Service was. Having a large install base of customers has been to their advantage as well. CIT’s clients trust on their services very much and communicate with them frequently to get solutions.
Future Outlooks
Today’s enterprise IT support organizations are experiencing a dramatic shift in the way technologies are developed, deployed and consumed. By recognizing this, CIT is evolving faster than ever, with new cloud-based solutions emerging to replace the stodgy on-premise solutions of past generations and surpassing the user expectations far behind by deploying a new generation of tech-savvy solutions for the users.
As a leading IT organization, CIT is constantly maintaining their portfolio of applications & technologies, and is being more responsive and empathetic than ever before, all without increasing costs.
Increasing progress is a double-edged sword for IT. Because IT is responsible for enabling company-wide productivity, it sits squarely under the collective corporate microscope.
At CIT, they are focusing on user satisfaction by deploying new and more efficient communication ways which is both boon and bane to IT support. Also, they are seeking comments and anticipating issues of clients, resolving it by new technologies and are also simplifying the feedback process.
CIT’s Cloud solution is one of the best ways to cope with increased productivity pressures and device compatibility issues, making it a must on every CIO’s list for future upgrades. They have mastery in lessening the maintenance concerns, support organizations must be ready to stay vigilant and improve documentation in order to better serve users at scale, while simultaneously harnessing feedback to adapt and improve processes and foresee issues. Lastly, CIT is a progressive IT organization in balancing devotion to strict procedures and assuring feedback prominence for keeping their customers happy.

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