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Comindware: Helping Organizations to Perform Better

With the goal of reducing human error and miscommunication and focusing stakeholders on the requirements of their roles, BPM is the new fad in tech industry. Often, BPM is the point of connection between the line of business and the IT department. Thus, took place the foundation of Comindware – a fast-growing, global enterprise software company – delivering innovative Business Operations Management solutions and low code workflow management software that empowers non-technical users to design, automate, and modify their processes, such as budget and contract approvals, financial requests, HR requests, etc. Comindware’s solutions make easy for users to create and operate with graphical workflow builder, so they don’t have to deal with IT to get things done.
Comindware is the first choice for those clients who realize the waste and risk related while using Excel and Outlook for handling requests. The company’s product, Comindware Tracker is a web-based tool that is well suited for the workflow automation needs. It supports social communication within workflow tasks, collects all the details like documents, files, and discussion threads per request, and makes workflows both transparent and effective. Comindware Tracker is widely used across all industries, departments, bringing transparency in its clients’ businesses, such as Hertz, Aetna, CVS Pharmacy, Anthem, and other well-known US companies.
Mision & Vision
According to Comindware, in order to succeed in the highly competitive and interconnected global environment, businesses need to stay on top of their operational efficiencies and deliver the best possible experience to their customers. With software proving to be a key business enabler, today, this calls for top to down rethinking of enterprise digital strategy and undertaking of a comprehensive digital transformation. To enable this transformation, Comindware provides a Business Application Platform comprised of next-generation OOB components sharing a fully open and scalable foundation and a complete set of consulting and implementation services. This, in turn, ensures a comprehensive and digital-driven approach to corporate performance maximization.
When a Successful Entrepreneur Took the Charge
Max Tsypliaev is the Founder, President and CEO of Comindware. Max has a combined experience of more than fifteen years as a successful entrepreneur and business executive of software companies. As the Co-founder of Acronis and Parallels, Max helped both to become multimillion dollar companies which eventually became market leaders in backup/disaster recovery, storage management, and automation solutions.
Back in 2010, Max was involved in the growth of several successful businesses and had real-time insight into challenges of his clients. He realized there was a huge gap in how businesses were running those days. Max then looked at the existing solutions that were available in the market, however, he could not find any that would fit perfectly. So, he created the Comindware team, which took the initiative to build a platform for collaboration, and also took a radically new approach at how data was being managed to eventually come up with an innovative Elastic Data technology. These two later became the main building blocks for further product development.
Coping up with The Industry Challenges
According to Comindware’s clients’ feedback, the biggest challenge in the BPM industry is digital transformation speed. Businesses struggle to have process-based app development in the hands of users who pay an obsessive attention to actual business needs, which alter consistently.
The Comindware Tracker that was started as a platform of collaboration merged social features with low-code app development capabilities to address the challenge and make it possible for non-technical users to create their own business apps and get in the control of business processes.
Nowadays, BPM vendors are moving to enterprise platforms that merge a vast range of capabilities and is capable to deliver a single platform that can aggregate resources, data and content, application and interface layers support social collaboration and all work management methods, and ensure that neither process, project or case is isolated and would have been done alone
Future Roadmap and Advise to Young Entrepreneurs
While working with more and more customers over the years, Comindware has learned a lot about various business challenges and needs of their clients, which has eventually pushed the organization and its software into new directions. Thanks to Comindware Tracker, businesses can successfully start their digital transformation process, and one-day demand classical BPMS and case management (ACM) features. This prompted the company to decide on developing another product, which is now in its beta-version stage. Once fully developed, this low-code platform will support process, case, and project management and will help businesses to manage all the needed data, resources, and communications in a single cloud based system and build business apps with minimum coding and upfront investment in implementation, maintenance, and training. According to the company, this product will be a wonderful fuel for rapid digital transformation for many businesses.
Max believes while building a company, every young entrepreneur must have the efficiency in mind while finding the right people for the right roles. The company also believes that commitment to a client’s success and both collaborative and flexible approach to value delivery is the key to business success.

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