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CoinPayments: A Major Leap in the Business World of Cryptocurrencies

Currencies around the globe have evolved from being a barter system that ruled the roost in ancient times. A barter economy is unfeasible today; however when it was applied, it may have provided certain advantages to individuals who used it. A barter trading system occurred on an individual level; hence it provided individuals the autonomy to attach an independent value to their possessions. Similarly, a barter system was probably governed by checks and balances of peers who helped determine the true value of possessions as the greater good was in their own interest as well. Today, cryptocurrencies promise to bring out the best of currencies with independent monitoring and peer to peer secure checks and balances on a scale never witnessed before. This revolution is asking tough questions to individuals, businesses, and lawmakers around the world. If current trends are anything to go by, cryptocurrencies are set to become a major part of everyday business transactions as well. Thus, it is time for the business world to at least sit up and take notice. One company to watch out for while it leaps the evolution of cryptocurrencies forward is CoinPayments.
An Open Door to Boundless Opportunities
CoinPayments provides an online gateway for individuals and businesses alike to use over 120 alternative currencies to purchase every day goods and services. These alternative currencies include some of the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. CoinPayments aims to dedicate its online portal to provide its customers with a fast, secure, and reliable online platform to further their own reach among customers. The company has created a special place in the world of cryptocurrency users with intuitive digital wallets, which include shopping cart plugins that can be easily integrated by online merchants making it appealing to their customers. Additionally, the company provides escrow services to provide a peace of mind to its clients who want a greater level of security with their important financial transactions.
CoinPayments provides many services which have the potential to revolutionize the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday business transactions. However, what truly sets them apart from their competition is their reach. The company today has a reach of 650,000 vendors across 182 countries, to make it an unparalleled evolution in the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as an everyday business operation.
A Financial Solution Driven by a Platform with Advanced Technology
CoinPayments is led by Alex Alexandrov who founded the company and heads it as its CEO. His leadership provides an uplifting touch to the company, which is worthy of envy for many reasons. Alex worked fifteen years in the financial industry as well as in the technology sector to develop an in-depth understanding of his current venture. Alex worked as a technical Forex and Options trader. He also worked as an EA developer for the MT4 platform during the early phases of his career. Later, he ventured into direct sales to finally achieve a state of professional career where he felt he could be an independent professional with an original insight to fulfill his aspirations. Hence, he moved on to successfully form and run The platform provided clients with an online Bitcoin mining hardware supply. Alex is renowned today in the industry for his original insights and inspirational journey as an entrepreneur.
A Complete Financial Package for Business Operations
Business operations around the world are required to make way for cryptocurrencies to attract more customers. For example, 1 in 3 people in Kenya hold Bitcoin wallets. Similar trends are seen around the world with the growing rise of their valuation and uncertain economic conditions in many countries. Hence, CoinPayments has positioned itself as a one-stop solution for online e-commerce companies for cloud based cryptocurrency transactions. As mentioned earlier, the reach of CoinPayments is magnanimous in size. The company has reached many merchants around the world due to extremely low transaction fees, which stands at only 0.5% for online merchants. In addition to low fees and its potential reach, the company also provides their clients with an easy-to-use free digital wallet to store, send, receive, or convert over 120 cryptocurrencies.
CoinPayments continues to upgrade its platform to reach more clients and stay ahead of the curve with innovation. It was the first company in the industry to offer support for Litecoin and Peercoin during their early days. At the time, the company saw the need to support other cryptocurrencies, besides Bitcoin, which also held a promising future. Hence, it invested in an online digital wallet platform which could extend its support to various cryptocurrencies at the same time. Today, CoinPayments holds the title for being the most global company in the industry. During its short period of existence, it has been translated into 16 languages servicing clients anywhere on the planet.
The Planned Future Endeavors to Raise the Bar Even Higher 
CoinPayments continues to innovate to bring cryptocurrencies in the glowing limelight. The company reaches out to merchants and businesses through innovations and shares their progress through their official Twitter and Facebook accounts to communicate its ideas in a transparent manner with everyone.
There is good news in store for those who are looking for inspiration in the industry as CoinPayments looks set to launch two mega projects in 2018. The first one, CPS Coin can lower the transaction and conversion fees for merchants. The second one, a revamped version of their existing software, would make it easier for merchants to use the online platform. CoinPayments is building an exciting and fulfilling future for merchants who wish more freedom in their financial transactions globally and so far it has set a truly inspirational benchmark within the industry.
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