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Coining the Future of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is back in business with a bang. This domain is witnessing accelerated growth at almost 150 percent each year. Customized mugs, calendars, pens and even more exotic items like gadgets and ‘special experiences’ have risen sharply in the last few years.
A gift serves two important purposes in society, personal and professional. One, it creates a bond of affection between two or more people. “It establishes a deep sense of positivity among people. It spells ‘I care about you’ to clientele, employees and vendors, “says Priyesh Shah, the founder of gifting portal Coin Bazaar dot com.
Two, it’s an indication of prosperity of the giver. The more expensive the gift, the better a brand image the giver establishes for himself in the eyes of the receiver. Thus, the more important the receiver, the higher the value of the gift. One kind of high-value gifts are gold and silver coins.
These coins are no longer exclusive to special occasions. Here’s how these have revolutionized the gifting market by being used in the corporate sector.

  1. Recognition of Merit

“Nothing highlights recognition of contribution better than a gold coin said, Priyesh Shah. “A company depends on its people to achieve their short- and long-term goals. These people include employees, vendors and partners. To recognize people for their contribution towards the bottom line, companies are now doling out gold and silver coins”.
These coins instantly help receivers to realize their value. Plus, one can customize and modify these coins as per need. Such high-value giftsspur employees and agencies to go the extra mile.

  1. A Different Touch for Online Gaming

Today, over 10 percent of India’s 1.25 billion strong populations have access to the internet. This is largely due to the penetration of smartphones and the affordable tariffs that telecom company’s offer. That’s why people spend more time online than they did in the past.
This has led to two results. One, people spend more time online that they ever did in the past. And two, they spend more time on online games along with social media. Look around while commuting and you’ll see people playing online games if they’re not on Facebook and WhatsApp. The rising popularity of websites and apps like Games 24×7 and Dream 11 are proof.
Participants sign up to play games and win. Websites reward winners with prizes like coupons of gifting portals. Winners visit the site and redeem vouchers to purchase gifts of their choice for themselves or loved ones.
Safety is Still a Concern
Gold coins are a safe gifting bet because receivers instantly know the worth of the gift. But they’re equally risky during transit because of the threat of theft. Technology to track their whereabouts is still missing.
However, gifting portals are stepping up to address their customers’ concerns. Coin Bazaar takes responsibility for end-to-end logistics, from crafting the coins to delivering them to the receiver. Thus, the interests of the giver and receiver are always secure.
Summing Up
Corporate gifting has once again turned personal. It’s no longer restricted to festivals, but has transcended to make many more events meaningful. With India’s economy booming, we can expect to see a steep rise in this industry for quite some time to come.