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CodeSealer: Invisible End-To-End Web Security

In the last few years, the rise of mobility and cloud has changed the human interface with technology. All the data is being stored in the sky, and customers all over the world has acquired the technology as it facilitate their every single act. Anyone can share data in the air and authorized person at the other corner of the world can access it in moments. But the presence of data in the cloud also demands the invincible security. Customers expect the companies—who invent technology—to close the loopholes in their own technology and protect them, customers also expects the legislators—they choose to govern—to enforce new and stronger regulations for their protection, but still there is nothing like a story on front of a newspaper, something than can cause a severe disruption in the customer’s business.
This forced the Companies to invest billions to protect their own customer’s data and infrastructure, behind the firewall, but only a few have successfully secured their customers and users in front of the firewall. The whole scenario of the web security can be hence summed into– “Customers Expects It, Regulators Enforce It, Press Loves It!”
A Company Founded Exclusively to Enhance Web Security
According to an authentic market research, about 20,000 new malware versions are introduced daily. 75% of all devices are stimulated infected, and more than 40% of all users have been attacked–often without realizing it. Cyber crime has today surpassed physical theft and while physical robbery may lead to arrest, cyber criminals ordinarily continue doing illegitimate acts sitting in a remote area and in countries where it becomes difficult to prosecute them. Knowing that “Physically, you can rob one bank at a time; but sitting on a computer, you can rob 100 million bank users,” cyber crime is at the zenith today.
Realizing the need of the era, Martin Boesgaard, a well-known name within the IT security industry, founded CodeSealer in 2011 with the sole motive of minimizing cyber attacks.
CodeSealer: A Trusted Partner in Web Session Protection
CodeSealer, an international company residing in Copenhagen, protects its customers against Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Where other companies protect by installing software on the device, CodeSealer is completely invisible to the user and also protects against unknown malicious malware and on infected devices.
While protection of the customers and their data is becoming increasingly important, only a few companies provide security against web attacks. That’s when CodeSealer becomes the perfect choice for the customers which provides completely invisible protection.
CodeSealer today holds several patents and where other solutions use traditional solutions including signatures and blacklisting, CodeSealer is going another way and today have what has been identified as a unique solution. The solution is deployed on existing platforms and infrastructure, without any additional hardware, and upon deployment, all the users get immediately protected.
Highly Acclaimed Products
Today when many companies have spread out their focus, CodeSealer remain focused on protection of web usage. CodeSealer offers two products providing full support against web attacks.
Their product consists of a built-in and dynamic boot-loader, which ensures the session and handling by running obfuscated JavaScript, setting up session keys and their own encryption all the way into the JavaScript engine at the client. The Bootloader was first sold more than 3 years ago and today process more than 30 million transactions per day, as part of a sector wide solution.
The browser is protected by encapsulating the client and constantly monitoring illegal changes, using integrity checks. If an attack is seen CodeSealer aborts the session and provides notification to the company. CodeSealer’s solution has a built-in dashboard, but the flexible solution also allows integration to the companies existing SEIM solutions.
Tonny Rabjerg: Highly Motivated Leader with Vast Experience
Tonny Rabjerg, CEO of CodeSealer has a broad international leadership experience within IT. Working for more than 30 years with application development and operation within companies such as SAS, Amadeus, Star Alliance and Danske Bank, he has a deep insight in IT Management. In his latest role, Tonny was responsible for Creation and Management of Danske IT and Support Services Indian, Private Limited, a subsidiary owned by a large Danish bank, managing more than 750 IT consultants and employees. Being appointed as a CEO of Security Ensuring Company, Tonny asserts “Entering into the security sectors does not only allows me to use my previous experience from the IT industry, but also an opportunity to see our product grow and gain market position, in a very interesting and expanding market.”
Widening the Reach across the World
While CodeSealer has been a part of sector solutions for the past 3 years, the company is now expanding its focus to new sectors and markets. The company already has partners in Indonesia, Dubai, Poland and cooperation with India, Italy, and Brazil and live customers in Indonesia. The firm was earlier focused on banks, but recently widened the focus to cloud solutions, such as HR and Financial systems, CRM and public sector, “Our solution isn’t specific to a sector as long as it is an online version using a web browser,” says Tonny.
Growing With Unique Solutions
CodeSealer has invested more than 50 years of development in its solution and today has a structured organization meeting requirements for an innovative solution and the highest of the quality in their solution. CodeSealers’ solution remains unique in the industry as it protects its end-users from the invisible – a key element in the solution. Along with the protection against unknown malware it increases the user acceptance and reduce the maintenance, and hence being accepted and acknowledged by the large spectrum of the industry.