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Coalfire: Elite Cyber Risk Management and Compliance Services

Today, enterprises depend upon information technology as an essential tool for meeting their business objectives.  But they also need to balance safeguarding their intellectual property, financial information and the company’s reputation, amongst others.
Founded in 2001 with a simple idea, ‘cyber threats are increasing, compliance mandates are getting more complicated, and a well-designed cyber risk management program is your best line of defense’, Coalfire has been rethinking cybersecurity.
Security Consulting
Coalfire’s services include both Structured and Unstructured Consulting Services. For example, their assessment related services are considered a structured service and follow a standardized methodology that is referred to as the PASS methodology. The PASS methodology consists of four phases including:
Pre-Assessment, includes kickoff, setting expectations and beginning to collect preliminary information about the customer.
Analysis, includes additional information requests, policy and procedure review and starting to define the assessment in more detail as documentation is reviewed and meetings with the customer are held.
Sampling and Testing, during this phase, Coalfire’s security professionals work onsite with their customers to collect additional information related to the security and control environment to help understand the security maturity.
Submission, includes the review of work papers and documenting the final report along with quality assurance reviews.
Coalfire leverages standardized project management processes in support of these unstructured engagements to support the development, tracking and status of various milestones to meet the customers requested services.
Coalfire uses a solution that was developed in house, the CoalfireOne Platform. Coalfire makes the often complex and daunting process of compliance easier with the CoalfireOne Platform.
The Key Differentiators
Client Focused.  Coalfire gets to know their clients’ businesses and industries. With this knowledge, they select the right people, process and technology to help them understand their vulnerabilities, close security gaps, comply with regulations, and reduce risk.
Comprehensive Approach.  Using a combination of advisory, assessment, and technical testing services, Coalfire looks at all aspects of a client’s environment to provide a complete picture of possible vulnerabilities, threats, and gaps that could impact their business.
Deep Experience.  Coalfire draws upon more than 15 years of in-depth expertise across a wide spectrum of regulations, technologies, and customer specific challenges, to deliver solutions appropriate for their clients and their industries.
Risk Management Roots.  Being an IT risk and security services provider, Coalfire knows what’s required to stay secure in this ever changing environment.
Larry Jones – CEO of Coalfire, graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in computer sciences in 1975 and earned his MBA from Boston University in 1980. Mr. Jones has more than 25 years of experience building, operating and growing public and private companies in the business process outsourcing, marketing services, enterprise software, smart-grid, information and IT services industries.
He has a proven track record as the CEO of six companies and has served as director of 13 private equity, public and VC-backed companies and executive chairman of two others. Also, Mr. Jones currently serves as a director of Diligent Corporation (NZX: DIL) and Essential Power, LLC.
Mr. Jones says, “Our deep understanding of our client’s business, coupled with our expertise, enables us to create the shortest path to accurate and complete cybersecurity measures at a competitive price, and with minimal disruptions to the business.”