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IT-CNP: The First Line of Defense for Mission-Critical Systems

Computer viruses, bugs – even the term “hack” suggests illness. With good reason: cyberattacks are a new kind of plague for the 21st century.
In 2018, data breaches are a pervasive and ever-present fact of life. Cunning criminals can infiltrate electronic files from across a room, or across the globe, with nothing more than a laptop or access to an Internet of Things device, while barely raising their pulse.
Government networks, specifically, are susceptible – not just from attackers, but also interconnectivity issues, hardware snafus, user error, and acts of God.
Meanwhile, governmental budgets continue to shrink, resources for critical protections continue to tighten, and a constantly evolving morass of regulations and standards make compliance a maddening prospect.
Government agencies need a cure.
For almost two decades, now, IT-CNP has provided an antidote.
The Columbia, Maryland-based consulting firm was one of the first national providers of government-oriented, FISMA-compliant, FedRAMP certified cloud hosting in the country. It remains one of the only facilities nationwide that exclusively serves Federal, state, and local government agencies.
Turnkey cloud solutions – including policy development, audits, compliance, forensics, analysis, and incident response – are offered through IT-CNP’s unique hosting division, GovDataHosting.
“By identifying vulnerabilities and implementing corrective measures, we reduce the risk of compromised systems, reinforce the integrity of agency data, and ensure policies and regulations are addressed consistently across all platforms,” said Information Security Compliance Manager, Cynthia Gibson.
Gibson previously provided multiple Department of Homeland Security agencies with risk assessment support. Today, she is responsible for the delivery of cybersecurity and security compliance services for IT-CNP’s portfolio of GovDataHosting cloud customers.
Competition is at an all-time high when it comes to vying for government cloud contracts. The secret of IT-CNP’s success is simple: They’ve been doing it better, longer.
“Our wealth of experience, garnered from multiple past performances, offers our new customers reassurance that their systems will be implemented with little to no risk,” Gibson said.
Complemented by state-of-the-art datacenters and 100% uptime performance, GovDataHosting provides fully-managed cloud to a growing roster of government agencies representing industries from healthcare to defense, and beyond.
IT-CNP realizes that there is no room for error when hosting and managing these mission-critical systems in the cloud. That’s why all datacenters, related personnel, and customer data are located and monitored within American borders. Employees, too, undergo a criminal background check, while those working with sensitive information take part in a government-sponsored background investigation.
“Protecting government systems is a tremendous responsibility,” Gibson said. “But we have continuously earned our customers’ trust with diligence and attention to detail. We face government cybersecurity challenges head-on, delivering comprehensive, innovative results on-time, within or under budget, and to our clients’ complete satisfaction.”
Case in point: IT-CNP transitioned a military client from a government operated datacenter to a cloud datacenter of its own, meeting the complex requirements set forth by the Department of Defense. Immediate operational enhancement resulted, as well as a marked improvement for the Service Level Agreement’s turnaround time and modernization.
IT-CNP also assisted with the transition of a Department of Health and Human Services data warehouse, evaluating, documenting, and authorizing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with FISMA and HIPAA regulations and ensuring that all systems adhered to the Federal government’s rigorous standards.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently recognized such capabilities and experience by awarding IT-CNP with a Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide Next Generation IT Services application hosting, FedRAMP certified cloud, and associated managed services.
The award provides HHS operating divisions and offices with streamlined access to application hosting and cloud migration resources.
IT-CNP’s services are similarly available on a number of pre-negotiated government contract vehicles, including GSA Schedule 70, Navy Seaport-E, and DHS-Eagle II.
As a vendor of the U.S. Army ACCENT Program, GovDataHosting serves as a preferred application migration and cloud hosting provider for the entire Department of Defense, including DoD agencies, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Marine Corps.
As the unique needs of the security services sector continue to evolve, IT-CNP has initiated plans to extend its cybersecurity solutions and FedRAMP cloud services into the south and southwestern parts of the country.
The hope, said Gibson, is to provide a coast-to-coast presence, not only for civilian agencies, but also the Department of Defense. Two additional cloud datacenters are also in the works.
“We’re proud to support the quickly evolving security needs of the Federal government,” said Gibson. “Being part of what it takes to protect America’s infrastructure is the reason IT-CNP and GovDataHosting were created, and we are committed to offering our customers nothing less than 100 percent satisfaction.”
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