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Cnetric: Leveraging Cloud to Deliver Cost-Optimized Commerce and Interactive Solutions

In today’s dynamic digital era, the need for speed, flexibility and innovation is increasing steadily. The essence of life is relied on technology now. In this swift-moving world, where everything reaches in front of us in a single click, Digital Commerce is an unavoidable fragment of technology. Many leaders evolve, but some catch our minds…..Cnetric Enterprise Solutions is such a pioneer in delivering Digital Commerce and Interactive solutions on Cloud that has changed the way the consumers research, interact, purchase and engage with brands. As mobility and pervasive connectivity continue to transform buying habits, Cnetric is focused on helping businesses discover and maximise new opportunities – be it direct to consumers (B2C), or via distribution channels and resellers (B2B), or by other innovative bsuiness models.
Cnetric is a boutique Systems Integrator, delivering Omni-Channel Commerce solutions and Marketing Automation solutions for mid-market and enterprise customers. With over a decade of experience in Digital Commerce enablement across the globe, Cnetric team utilises a range of partner solutions across order capture, order management, supply chain management, international logistics, search optimization, analytics and marketing automation. Cnetric ensures adaptability in utilizing the technology appropriately for a client’s business size, operational complexity, and roadmap.
Exclusive Services by Cnetric
Cnetric provides Small and Medium Business (SMB) retailers with a cost-effective, scalable e-commerce platform to create and maintain online stores to address their specific business needs and expand their market reach. The platform is hosted on the cloud to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology for a more robust and secure infrastructure at a lower cost than traditional in-premise hardware investments.
The company refines its services and technology deployment capabilities constantly to keep up with evolving e-commerce demands, thereby helping retailers to deliver an enriched online shopping experience. The increasing demand for a comprehensive and flexible e-commerce solution to support dynamic online business models at an optimized cost combined with the use of business analytics to capture valuable customer insights and effectively influence buying decisions led to the development of the Cnetric Commerce-as-a-Service solution.
The Cnetric CaaS solution also empowers customers who lack in-house IT infrastructure by providing a software-on-cloud based architecture. The solution is provided as an OPEX-based service targeted to the mid-market segment.
Cnetric has also added a new Interactive practice at Cnetric focused around UX/CX Design, Web and mobile solutions based on CMS platforms namely Acquia Cloud, Magnolia and IBM DX & Bluemix Cloud solutions.
Cnetric’s IBM Partnership
Cnetric wanted an India-based cloud infrastructure provider so it chose IBM Softlayer to provide Patform-as-a-Service for its customers. “Customers are very particular about data centres being in their own country. IBM has its data centres in India which are preferred by our Indian customers,” Mr. Manohar propounded. He added, “IBM is also better in terms of hardware specifications on which it supports cloud. IBM cloud is more secure and comes with an end-to-end solution, which is advantageous for customers.”
Cnetric ventured on its cloud journey by building a team with strong knowledge and expertise in virtualization, configuration, and environment setup for e-commerce which, in partnership with IBM SoftLayer, created a robust and scalable foundation for the Cnetric Commerce-as-a-Service solution.
The Exuberant Leader
Manohar Durai, the founder & CEO of Cnetric Enterprise Solutions, is responsible for business growth, brand building, product/service ideation and go-to-market strategies. At Cnetric, he has pioneered several innovative managed service offerings for the mid-market leveraging IBM Cloud and Software technologies.
Mr. Manohar has over three decades of experience in enterprise consulting and implementation of emerging technologies across Telecom, Retail & Distribution and Manufacturing industries in Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Manohar has a background in enterprise middleware and integration, e-business/e-commerce, sales force automation and CRM, product data configuration & management, document imaging and management/workflow.
Prior to Cnetric, Mr. Manohar has played technical sales and consulting roles at CrossWorlds software and IBM in North & Latin America, EMEA and in IBM in Asia-Pacific.
Digital Marketing and Automation
A marketer’s database is no longer about data capture for analysis and segmentation purposes.  There has been an evolution. The new marketing database is about individuals and the actions they are taking every day, and it’s about recognizing and acting on their behaviours to create positive customer experiences. Organizations across the country have realized this and are seeking one such solution that could help them render top-notch experience to the customers. Cnetric understands the requirement and therefore fetches the answer from IBM Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Database, formerly known as Silverpop. IBM Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Database now gives marketers the ability to finally start building customer relationships one customer at a time – at scale.
IBM Marketing Cloud gives marketers the tools to capture massive amounts of data about every unique customer and prospect. This data leads to the creation of a unique single identity for each unique individual. Creating and leveraging this single identity leads to a consistent digital experience reflecting declared and inferred preferences based on behaviours across channels.
Cnetric’s Strength
With an in-house strength of 100 plus members, Cnetric’s quest to reach the pinnacle of success intensifies every day. The team undergoes rigorous internal training on various technologies, customer service methods, deployment styles and so on. The flexible work culture fosters creativity and innovation. The team is kept on heels through frequent team outings, and awards & recognitions for outstanding performances.
Clientele in the Foreground
Cnetric has worked with a large clientele circle-including Canon, Telstra, David Jones, Hobby Hall, King Power and Ramcar, and the company envisions expanding its team to launch new e-Commerce solutions for B2B trade and soon extending its reach in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. From Cnetric’s global headquarters in India, the company has expanded to empower clients across four continents, with offices located in Singapore, USA, Australia and the UK. Carrying forward its legacy, Cnetric seeks to complement customers’ insight with a project team capable of understanding the business and delivering successful outcomes in the e-commerce industry fabric. The company will continue in its endeavour in helping retailers develop social commercial capabilities to boost online sales.