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Cloudticity: Making Earth a Healthier Place to Live in

With a vision of helping healthcare organizations design, build, migrate, manage, and optimize HIPAA-compliant solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudticity came into existence back in 2011. In an Interview with Insights Success, the Founder of Cloudticity, Gerry Miller shares the journey of the company and its strategies and approaches that make it stand out from the crowd of competitors.
What are the products/services/solutions offered by Cloudticity? 
Gerry: Cloudticity offers Professional Services and Managed Services to the healthcare industry. Professional Services are focused primarily on migrations to AWS, application optimization to better leverage native AWS services, and DevOps automation. On the other hand, our Managed Services practice is delivered through the ground-breakingly automated Cloudticity Oxygen™ platform, which has three primary pillars:
Ÿ Traditional managed services delivered mostly through automation, including a 24×7 helpdesk, incident management and escalation, monitoring of everything from operating system telemetry to AWS metrics, and automated daily tasks such as patching and backups.
Ÿ Continuous compliance, including thousands of checks running at all times, with each control mapped back to HIPAA CFRs as well as common regulatory frameworks such as HITRUST CSF. Most compliance problems found are auto-remediated by Cloudticity Oxygen.
Ÿ World-class managed security services via deep integration with the Armor Anywhere Security-as-a- Service solution.
How has the technological advancements influenced the business world? And what role does your company play in that? 
Gerry: The key technology differentiator that Cloudticity leverages is Amazon Web Services. The public cloud’s nearly limited storage and processing power, coupled with its predictable and manageable OpEx pricing model, enables an unprecedented ability to tackle world-changing challenges in ways that only a few years ago were out of reach for all but the largest multinational corporations and governments. We have driven the healthcare industry to adopt public cloud as the most secure place to manage HIPAA-regulated electronic protected health information.
Furthermore, because AWS is fully automatable, Cloudticity has reimagined data centers as completely software defined, driving a new level of agility that allows the company’s clients to innovate at an unprecedented rate.
What makes Cloudticity different from its competitors? 
Gerry: In many ways, Cloudticity has invented automated managed services for healthcare. We are the first to focus exclusively on this mission in the public cloud. Some things that make Cloudticity unique amongst its competitors include:
Born in the cloud: Unlike our competitors, Cloudticity has no legacy baggage, no outdated data centers to manage, and no old-school processes that inhibit agility.
Total focus on healthcare: Cloudticity speaks healthcare, period. That means a passionate focus on security, compliance, availability, performance, and agility – all in a fully cost-optimized environment. Our HITRUST certification backs this up.
Automation: Our singular focus on delivering service through automation has allowed the company to grow almost 70X since its inception, while delivering consistently, securely, and reliably to its clients.
Relationship with AWS: Cloudticity also brings-in world-class technical expertise, with a host of AWS credentials including:
Ÿ AWS Advanced Partner
Ÿ AWS Audited Managed Services Provider – there are only 104 of these in the world, and we are the only to ever pass the audit with 100% – twice!
Ÿ AWS Healthcare Competency
Ÿ AWS DevOps Competency
Ÿ AWS Public Sector Partner
Ÿ AWS Authorized Commercial and GovCloud Partner
Ÿ AWS Service Catalog Service Delivery Partner
Ÿ AWS EC2 Systems Manager Service Delivery Partner
Kindly explain how Cloudticity tackled initial struggles? 
Gerry: During Cloudticity’s inception, general industry perception was that public cloud was insecure – a great place for development and testing, but certainly not for production workloads. Imagine how the healthcare industry felt! Initial struggles, therefore, centered around convincing compliance and legal departments that protected health information was not only safe – but actually safer – on the public cloud.
To accomplish this, we designed AWS-based systems that leveraged ground-breaking encryption, key management, and compliance monitoring solutions. To this day, these forms the heart of the company’s Cloudticity Oxygen managed services platform.
What can be expected from Cloudticity in the upcoming years? 
Gerry: Cloudticity will continue to lead the industry in the automated delivery of managed services, compliance, and security. Expect more DevOps-oriented solutions, more self-service capabilities, more innovation around Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. We are also planning to invest in healthcare systems outside the United States, so expect global expansion as well.