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CloudMedx: Comprehensive Unified Healthcare

Delivering medical care is very rewarding as a profession but it can also be very stressful. All too often, clinicians have to contend with incomplete or inaccurate medical records. This is compounded by the timeframes between asking for tests and getting the results. Together, these shortcomings complicate patient care and have the potential to result in harm.
Some progress has already been made, and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are commonplace. However, such systems collate data but fail to fully utilize its potential. An intelligent system is required, one which can covert bland data into actionable information.
It is in this arena that CloudMedx shines.

Powerful Insights

CloudMedx is a world-class clinical AI platform that combines machine learning with Natural Language Processing (NLP) developed specifically for the healthcare industry. It was created to give both healthcare providers and patients unprecedented insight into the medical journey.
The platform does not simply collate and store data, as is the case with legacy systems, but proactively searches for trends and markers hidden within vast volumes of information. This feat is achieved through the use of evidence-based algorithms and big data architecture.
The resulting transparency allows clinicians to obtain unsurpassed insight into every patient’s unique medical history, tendencies, and risk factors, then formulate an actionable plan that uses that information to deliver the best diagnoses, in-person care, and medication.
By creating an environment where clinical partners at all levels are privy to the right information, without the limitations of time or geography, CloudMedx is able to ensure that every patient receives the best attention and results at every juncture of medical care.

Bridging Gaps

One of the most common limitations of current medical systems that doctors cite is the vast volume of data presented to them for each patient. Because not all the information will be related to the issue for which the patient is currently visiting, it becomes incredibly difficult to filter out the relevant facts.
Such scenarios contribute to clinician burnout, which further erodes the level of care that they are able to provide. With CloudMedx, AI-driven analytics sifts through all available data and separates the extraneous from the relevant. This gives healthcare providers specific insights while highlighting potential conflicts and red flags.
Not only does this streamline the process of delivering care, but it also places doctors in an ideal position to diagnose diseases early and to more accurately determine prognoses.

Large Footprint

The CloudMedx platform is not geared only to patients and the healthcare providers with whom they are in direct contact. It broadens the scope to include researchers.
This is a critical difference because it creates an entirely new avenue for the development and advance of medicine. Researchers do not have to invest financial resources and time into seeking out individual patients for clinical trials or to obtain relevant data; the profiles of individuals with the exact requirements can be made available to them.
This compresses the timeline required by pharmaceuticals to complete research into new treatments. Concurrently, patients who would otherwise not have access to the latest medicines and treatments can receive the best care and enjoy a better quality of life.

Altruistic Intent

CloudMedx is the breakthrough platform developed by Tashfeen Suleman, the company’s CEO. Tashfeen is responsible for dictating the company’s vision and strategy. He believes that the power of data can save lives when we combine innovation with technology.
Tashfeen is a Computer Science major with industry experience in big data and AI, as well as product design, development, and commercialization. For the past 13 years, he has been a serial entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, and executive manager. In that time, he has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, including Microsoft, where he worked on the Windows phone.
The CloudMedx project was inspired by personal experience; an incident where Tashfeen’s father was misdiagnosed prompted him to consider how technology could benefit healthcare delivery.
Today, Tashfeen is a frequent guest speaker at various health- and AI-related talks, forums, and symposiums. He has also appeared on TV to talk about the path that CloudMedx is blazing for the healthcare industry.

Why It Works

The latest developments in AI and machine learning have happened so rapidly that no one can predict accurately where the technology will head even in the near future. What is not contested is the fact that it has the potential to inspire, drive, and accelerate progress in the medical arena like nothing that has come before.
The healthcare management industry is fertile ground for innovation largely because cost has been a prohibitive factor. Medical institutions and research centers invest massive amounts in a single platform and are reluctant to move on to newer, improved ones until they believe they have recouped their investment costs.
In this time, the information collected and stored begins to display the silo effect; there are massive amounts of discrete data available, but they cannot be co-related to deliver better care.
CloudMedx completely changes this landscape by offering a versatile, interconnected platform that is able to streamline all this information across healthcare providers with the patient’s permission. Clinical analytics tools then assist patients, doctors, and researchers to achieve the end results that they seek.
The CloudMedx team is very confident that their platform is flexible and adaptable enough to be applied outside of healthcare. They are already considering how the underlying technology can serve to a wider clientele.
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