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CloudFX : Multi-Vendor Cloud Management Platforms & Services

CloudFX was founded in 2009 by Damian Crotty with a clear vision: to set the global standard of excellence for delivering on the promise of Cloud technology. Since inception, CloudFX have established a world-class reputation in the art of simplifying the process of Cloud technology adoption and the associated Business transformation opportunities that it enables for leading Enterprises and Service Providers around the world.
Through their unrivalled advisory services and multi-vendor cloud automation, management and brokerage platforms capabilities, they help customers transform their businesses opening up new markets, new revenue streams and innovative ways to engage their target markets with industry leading capabilities.
CloudFX have customers leveraging their CloudSelect brokerage platform to enable IT as a Service and Hybrid Cloud solutions for Enterprises and Cloud Market Places and Multi-supplier cloud service automation solutions to simplify choice, consumption and management of industry leading Cloud services provisioned by leading Service Providers.
CloudFX has an ambitious 3 year strategy: To become the World’s leading Cloud Market Place and Cloud Service brokerage solution provider. Crotty states, “The future of CloudFX revolves around making multi-supplier Cloud solution configuration, automation and deployment simple and through our advanced, single pane of glass operational management, billing and configuration tools, we have set ourselves apart as the leading next generation Cloud Solutions aggregator in the world today.”
CloudFX envisage a world where customers can consume world class cloud services from anywhere, on any device, anytime with unforeseen flexibility, agility and value through industry best e-commerce cloud market and automation platforms run on CloudSelect and to date, they are making progress on that by working with industry leaders across Distribution, SI, Corporate and Telco channels.
When asked, why Crotty decided to pursue entrepreneurialism after a successful corporate careers he responds with a simple retort “to make our customers leaders in their segment and ensure that technology delivers on its potential”. When pushed further, he explained the “overselling, unfulfilled vendor promises that the IT industry is ripe with, has led to a global corporate sector believing that IT inhibits growth and is an impediment to success rather than an enabler of it”.
Early stage companies can face challenges and when asked about this Crotty said that whilst they are now in their 7th year with a demonstrable track record, life as an entrepreneur is not without challenge. “I underestimated how difficult it was going to be. There is no level playing field, there is a challenge around relevance and some IT decision makers would rather maintain status quo, despite their investments being in such a dire state, than work with a partner who will catalyse positive change.”
Despite these challenges, Crotty states that smart leaders understand the challenges legacy partnership have created and are embracing disruptive leaders like CloudFX to lead their transformation into the world of Cloud enablement. He summarises by saying, “our vision will be realised and our company’s ambition, capabilities, value’s and core areas of expertise have never been as compelling as they are today.”