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Cloudesire: A Monetization Solution to Tap Boundless Opportunities

Cloud technology has become the need of the hour and a gateway to boundless opportunities. It is delivering unexpected progress and scripting incredible success stories for businesses around the world. Cloud adoption allows companies to create seamless synergy between their technical and human resources. It also allows them to integrate monetization platforms to incorporate digital assets and connect with new customers.
Cloudesire is a brokering and monetization company helping innovative service providers respond swiftly to the challenges of the new era of cloud adoption. Its platform enables automated SaaSification and immediate distribution of Business Applications and digital assets of any kind. Cloudesire is a global enterprise headquartered in Pisa, Italy.
Foundation Philosophy 
Cloudesire’s philosophy is simple: it aims to create the fastest path to success for the entrepreneurial spirits in today’s digital economy. To achieve this, the company focuses on flexibility and reliability.
Cloudesire clients enjoy accelerated progress towards core goals such as improved customer satisfaction, higher retention rates, and augmented share of wallet. Cloudesire’s management believes that no two companies are alike. And neither are their requirements.
The company’s platform gives its partners the ability to broker and monetize all digital assets across any cloud platform and with any commercial agreement. Additionally, it provides channel dynamics which allows them to optimize their cloud transition through distributors and dealers, too, in the most profitable manner possible.
Based on its philosophy and reliable solutions, Cloudesire has managed to partner with several big telco firms, MSPs, utilities, publishers, cloud providers.
Solutions That Drive Purpose and Efficiency 
Cloudesire solutions are created and delivered by a team of experienced IT veterans who bring together their expertise from several different areas including cloud, big data, DevOps, and SaaS.
The company has managed to combine the excellence brought by their team of experts to launch visionary and innovative products into the market. Some of their unique product offerings are:

  • Cloud4Billing 

One of the main drivers of cloud adoption is the ability to distribute services over the cloud to a wide variety of clients. Keeping in mind this wide range, it is important for companies to provide flexible billing infrastructure which can be integrated seamlessly within their current systems with minimal cost. Cloud4Billing achieves this by providing clients with nearly unlimited and highly customizable billing options.

  • Cloud4Channel 

Companies almost always require new and innovative means of reaching potential clients. Such access in the digital world can be the difference between success and mere survival.
Cloud4Channel allows companies to build their automated portal to distribute their digital assets over any kind of existing or new channel. Using this portal, companies can launch, scale and optimize their digital assets via distributors and resellers of any kind. The platform integrates capabilities to manage multiple channels, reporting, commerce, referral leads and more into a seamless experience via a single platform. Using this platform, Cloudesire has helped clients reduce their workload by half and deliver SaaS solutions with deep insights.

  • Cloud4Market 

With growing competition for digital assets and software solutions, it has become imperative for companies to build their unique offerings and deliver them instantly.
Cloud4Market allows companies to provision and sell almost any kind of digital service and application, including IaaS. This module provides a multitude of benefits for clients, including cutting in-house costs and mitigating risks and associated delays. The platform is cloud-agnostic and provides a wide variety of choices to clients to build their dream offering. It is completely automated and has an integrated advanced dashboard which allows users to generate revenue from the word go.
Additionally, Cloudesire also offers Cloud4CSP, a module that enables the service provider to distribute the comprehensive catalog of Microsoft’s SaaS together with the Azure Marketplace repository. Using Cloud4CSP, clients can access and distribute these products in a matter of minutes and achieve far more, while building tailor-made digital assets, than they would by merely selling product licenses. It ultimately allows companies to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients by offering seamless support and being an integral part of their ecosystem.
The Core Cloudesire Advantages 
Cloudesire enables clients to transform what it calls Digital Building Blocks (DBB) – could be applications, services, IaaS, and more – into a digital asset, quickly. Clients can hence build their offering integrating DBBs into their digital applications, no matter if DBBs are built internally or coming from any of the client’s trusted partner or network. The requirement for integrating DBBs is simple: the client or ISV has only to fill the information necessary to build digital assets that are most fitting to their customer base and integrates the application with the Cloudesire APIs if needed. The client then can price the digital assets with the most suitable pricing model, choosing between all the most used in the “as a Service” space. There are various core advantages Cloudesire provides to clients with this advanced integration. Some of them are listed below.

  • Clients can deploy VMs and provision single tenant assets across any cloud of their choice (the platform is cloud-agnostic)
  • Distribute multi-tenant subscriptions (like SaaS, for instance)
  • Push this offering for provisioning and sales to the client’s storefront or to the built-in storefront of Cloudesire. It’s the same. Cloudesire is fully API-based, so the client will have always a say in the matter.
  • Leverage the state-of-the-art Channel Management Module. Using this component, clients can distribute through their existing partner network, manage prices, commissions, and who-distributes-what, as well as let any actor add VAS along the distribution chain, and finally manage billing invoicing and payments as they prefer.

A Challenge and a Positive Leap 
It is often said that optimism and a positive outlook in the face of grave challenges can not only help find solutions but define a journey for years to come.
Cloudesire met its fair of share of challenges when it began its journey: founded by a team of talented developers and IT veterans, as it grew there was a need for the infusion of new blood with the positivity and unwavering faith in the future of the cloud industry.
Fortunately, Italy is home to some of the best technical institutes in Europe and the company soon hired some of the brightest talents in the industry.  
Understanding Cloud Industry Trends to Deliver Solutions 
The Internet of Things (IoT) and the digital world have created an interface of dynamic and vibrant interaction between consumers and businesses, empowering them both.
The traditional economy model employs a transactional approach where products are shipped and consumers have presented a bill. Today, businesses want to give consumers an exceptional experience by responding to issues in real time and giving them the ability to publicize their views. In a nutshell, consumers are more and more transforming in subscribers.
More companies are opting for an omnichannel, relational experience which delivers the results subscribers demand at their convenience. Cloudesire is adopting these trends and insights to improve its dynamic customer monetization suite, every day.
Cloudesire is more than a turnkey platform. It is a turnkey solution. Aside from technology, they also empower their clients with tailor-made marketing solutions through their Marketing Launch Program. This program (created together with top marketing consultants) helps the Cloudesire clients with state-of-the-art market/product fit strategies, as well as demand generation tactics.
All because the Cloudesire leadership team strongly believes in offering complete solutions for companies looking to leave their mark in their respective industries through the power of cloud computing.
Cloudesire’s CEO, Eddy Fioretti is a well-known figure in the SaaS industry. Together with Andrea Vecchi, serial entrepreneur and CTO of Cloudesire, Eddy founded the company to bridge the gap between major players and newcomers for the benefit of the consumer. Their goal is to streamline the go-to-market process and help the cloud solutions of tomorrow reach their subscribers in a smoother way.
The leadership team at Cloudesire believes in being trendsetters, well understanding that, in the dynamic and innovative era of digital progress, being left behind can spell doom for a company.
Cloudesire continues to deliver turnkey solutions and top-of-the-line consultancy solutions to make any business idea a reality. Whether a business is considering a disruptive revenue-generating stream or a lucrative standard solution, Cloudesire steps in to deliver cutting-edge technology and give them the much-needed competitive edge.

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