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CLOUD COMPUTING- The Modern Magic Genie


Cloud recently is most buzz-creating technology, and today, cloud computing technology can attract anyone’s attention. And then they finally decided to gather information about Cloud. The first question occurred in our mind is “What is cloud computing?” Well, welcome—you’ve come to the right place! Stay around for next moments and you will have a much better idea of what cloud computing really is, and how you might be able to take advantage of it.

So now let’s start knowing about cloud– the modern magic genie. Technically speaking cloud is not magic. But from customer’s point of view, it can sometimes act as a magic genie. Like, when anyone asks genie about their wish, all they care for whether their wish will get granted or not.

No one care about the process behind fulfilling the request. In a lot of ways, it is just like cloud computing. Cloud grants every wish you want to be fulfilled, and no one bother about its way of fulfilling the wish.

Business firms vision, they just like the fact that, their cloud services are continuously available no matter where their clients are. For them, it doesn’t matter if clients’ are at home, or at work or vacationing at the beach.

Very commonly known example of cloud computing service is when anyone wants to install any gaming or shopping app; they just have to go to App Store on their smartphones, and then install the app and have to log in, and a few minutes later, they are ready to have fun.

This capacity to request services for their self whenever they required is known as “on-demand self-service”, in cloud computing terms. People don’t need to go to any physical store or don’t need to call somebody to place an order and they don’t need to wait for anyone else to do anything for you.

Cloud computing provides success opportunity for businesses. Member of these businesses see the value in their lives and think, “Why they can’t have these same types of benefits at their firm?” By using cloud computing system smaller companies can get access to technologies and services in the market. Those were only available to the biggest firms nearly some years ago. So cloud has the vast capabilities available and the attractive pricing models certainly making anyone ask for wish they want.

– Shravani Begade