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Cloud Automation Solutions: Empowering Cloud Innovation

It’s Enterprise strategy, not just IT strategy 
Many companies have lost visibility of their technology infrastructure and solutions. As companies are driven by the expediency of go to market demands, ‘cloud-first’ policies, and stringent IT budgets, the necessity to align technology solutions to overall business strategy is key.
The world has long moved to the cloud. Integration, migration, automation, and orchestration of systems and applications remain a challenge. These trials vary in complexity, size, cost, and professional experience; there is no one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise IT.
Cloud Automation Solutions (CAS), a leading provider of IT Lifecycle Management services, achieves high-level cost benefit for customers by selecting, implementing, and integrating cloud automation technology that meets each customer’s unique requirements. They work with clients to evaluate and determine growth demands and pain-points, minimizing the complexity of the cloud environment, and ensuring a quick return on IT investment.
Inspired by Innovation 
CAS was established by exceptionally talented Engineers, who are experts in Enterprise Cloud, Hybrid-Compute, Data Center and On-Premise technologies. These entrepreneurs realized the need to enhance Cisco platform tools and create expert-level services around these tools and the Cisco cloud platform. The objective was simple: make the Cisco platform and tools more efficient and effective in the market.
CAS was born and headquartered in the high-tech heart of Austin, Texas. The journey began with a single client, their small project, and head-to-head competition with the incumbent infrastructure services vendor. An opportunity, combined with hard work, innovation, and commitment to provide best in class services laid the foundation for the tech start-up. Today, CAS has offices in Houston, San Jose, Brazil, and India. These creators extended their superior knowledge of cloud computing, delivered higher business value, and lowered client costs of deploying and leveraging cloud technologies. Additionally, their abilities ensure existing IT infrastructure operated at peak efficiency. Their model lead to larger and expanded opportunities, which resulted in an expanding customer base.
Focus on Team, Strategy, and Execution 
Robert Whitwell, CEO of Cloud Automation Solutions, credits excellent strategy and execution as a result of an innovative team who believes in the pursuit of excellence. Whitwell explained, “Integrity, initiative, collaboration, leadership, and innovation are the guiding principles that create a unique blend of employee and client commitment at CAS.” He believes it is important to focus on a few things you do well, instead of doing many things adequately. “We are a tech-start up,” says Whitwell. “We commit to the mentality to move fast, adapt quickly, and be bold, always putting the customer first.”
The company’s growth and momentum is attributed to Whitwell’s industry relationships and passion to bring business strategy to the IT environment. Every initiative is built around a strategic plan outlining the details from marketing to sales to engineering that drives to the overarching goal. Company objectives propel the team to execute on these plans from executive leadership down. Leading a global team requires frequent collaboration, inspiring vision, and a team that executes on the values of the company. Whitwell believes in capitalizing on the team’s strengths and getting the right players in the right seats to deliver maximum return. According to Whitwell, “Human capital is the greatest resource that CAS holds. Without the strength of the team, our growth would fall stagnant. Leadership is about fostering this resource and amplifying potential.”
Whitwell not only believes in creating an environment with true work-life balance where people want to work, but also an environment dedicated to the beliefs that matter most. He relies heavily on his faith and commitment to give back to the community. In 2016, CAS supported an initiative to launch a mindful learning curriculum via STEM programs benefitting underprivileged kids. The company contributed to an orphanage in Mexico and assisted a local college with an on-campus mission program. The culture at CAS allows the team to contribute where they feel their work makes the most impact such as volunteering for early literacy programs, delivering meals to the homeless, or supporting local churches.
Although leading a company in a rapidly changing and growing industry doesn’t grant him lots of free time, Whitwell enjoys exercising, tinkering with cars, and traveling.
Comprehensive Solutions and Services 
Cloud Automation Solutions provides the entire cloud spectrum for customers – from strategy, migration, and automation, to orchestration and IT lifecycle management. Cloud should be part of, not separate from, the broader enterprise digitization story. The experienced cloud masterminds at CAS work with companies to understand automation needs, choose, and integrate the right technology to meet business goals. CAS helps enterprises accelerate their cloud journey and realize return on IT investments, faster.
There are many cloud strategies being used today, which include Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud computing models. CAS offers seamless integration of a wide range of services such as infrastructure, platform, network, software, disaster recovery, and storage. Because of CAS’ unique ability to properly assess a company’s IT environment, they can help determine the best strategy based on a thorough evaluation of the organization’s business goals.
With decades of advanced enterprise software and application development experience, CAS exhibits unparalleled service and expertise to deliver full end-to-end solutions consisting of but not limited to the following technologies: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cisco IAC, StackStorm, VMware, OpenStack, SQL, MySQL, Python, Java, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Chef and Puppet.
What does the future and technology landscape hold? 
CAS has extensively invested in their labs in Austin and in their customers’ labs to ensure they can test and prove their solutions. Emerging technologies, such as Brocade (StackStorm), AWS, MS Azure, CollabNet, and Clarive can be utilized and extended to better achieve customer’s business objectives. CAS is extending into adjacent markets and has developed extensive integration and service relationships with companies including Brocade (Stackstorm), CollabNet, and Clarive to design and implement new solutions. They are working with these companies and investing in go-to-market strategies and solutions. CAS is also extending cloud technologies to new and existing platforms, especially open source technologies. As the dynamics of technology needs change, more businesses seek to reduce cost and increase flexibility. Open source solutions are a strategic aspect to this. CAS is capatilizing on this market to create innovative solutions for businesses.
Today’s IT infrastructure is hyper-complex. Few IT shops can establish and maintain the expertise required to take advantage of and manage these complicated environments. The availability of high-capacity networks and low-cost computers, together with the widespread adoption of virtualization and service-oriented architecture, have led to the version of cloud computing we know today, which is a constantly evolving model. CAS continues to advance to fill those gaps.
The CAS Difference 
The cloud is rapidly transforming the way we live, work, and play. It provides convenience, accessibility, and security. For enterprises, it drives them to be more agile, scalable, competitive, and most importantly, profitable.
CAS is here to help organizations gain the maximum benefit from their IT investments while delivering the highest level of quality, security, and reliability. These attributes are all based on CAS’ sound knowledge and expertise.
Whitwell emphasizes that the real difference CAS makes compared to other providers is “We automate provisioning and management of the entire cloud technology stack while insuring seamless integration with enterprise applications. We strive to exceed client business goals in terms of time to revenue, time to market, quality and cost.”

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