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Cloud and IOT get accelerated by software defined networking

The global market for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for the organization and cloud service provider segments growing fast day-by-day. Organizations need flexible networks, and that is the reason that there is more need for SDN. These flexible networks are especially necessary when companies want to implement new solutions such as cloud, mobility, big data and the Internet of Things.

SDN technology is currently the unique way to solve questions about how modern computer networks, including those, apply to virtualization technology should work. SDN-networks integration significantly reduces the cost of setting large computer networks and it also simplifies the work of system administrators. The thing is to control all network devices, including switches, routers, and others like them, using the SDN-controller.

According to one survey, among large companies, 30% of respondents have already switched to the use of SDN or planning to do so in the very near future. SDN is playing a vital role among innovative approaches to some of the networking challenges brought about by the rise of the 3rd Platform, particularly virtualization & cloud computing.

IT is beginning to see the importance of potentially extending SDN to the WAN and into the campus to meet the demand for more agile approaches to network architecture, provisioning, & operations.

With the help of SDN, high-end features of network equipment such as switches & routers can be converted into a software. The reason is the separation made between the network & data management in switches & routers. After that through commodity equipment network is transferred to a server on the network & data management.

Some have already on their way to the cloud and they are fast with the adoption of SND. They are already restricted to DevOps models. Companies are in search of a chance to get benefited by this technology that can help them to virtualize their network resources and automate their allowance.

It is applicable to the physical infrastructure, network controllers & software virtualization, security services as well as professional services related to SDN. In addition, the demand for flexible networks to support big data & Internet of Things applications is also accelerating the SDN market.

– Archana Ghule