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Click Labs: Customized App and Web Solution Caterer

The software industry is the most essential service provider today and, burgeoning with fast pace. The efficient and reliable service given by mobile applications, in e-commerce, banking and every other relevant sector is illustrious.  The platform has also been firmly established in almost every dominant economic sector. However, the success is attracting many individuals and in order to remain extremely competitive: One must have up-to-date knowledge of the new technologies and remain innovative to be successful. Such success is emulated by Click labs, a SaaS technology service provider, which has been a predominant platform for innovative entrepreneurial individuals. Click Labs caters clients with different approaches and develops software and mobile apps according to their core needs. Since its establishment in 2011, Click Labs, has empowered more than 1000 platforms within the short period of six years.
Fruitful And Innovative Solutions Catered
Click Labs’ software solutions have been implemented and flourished with immense success over the years. The company has emerged with numerous app solutions for sectors like, cab services (shared transport), healthcare, laboratory testing, education, glossary, laundry services, retail, etc. Several business solution applications by the company have been acknowledged for their innovative approach and user interference.
Click Labs offers the following innovative technologies:
Juggernaut: A PaaS framework which develops on demand applications, providing end to end solutions to it’s customers by developing a fully functional mobile app. It utilizes in depth data collection and track customer trends which helps entrepreneurs and enterprises, to grow their businesses.
Tookan: is a SaaS based field force management solution. Its task manager facilitates a real time connection with customers and manages the mobile workforce. The agents can track, customize multiple tasks and can also add detailed information about the work as well.
Kato: is a powerful Analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform for businesses which enables users to access business analytics from various sources on a single dashboard. With its two prime offerings into AI and BI, Kato provides pre-built plug and play solutions for businesses.
Fugu: Fugu is a Chatbot app which allows brands to interact with customers with a lightning speed. It analyses customer behaviour and their choices, and insights brands about it. Subsequently, the customers can also have clues about upcoming trends which increase their retention and results in company sell growth. It’s a path breaking business purchase funnel which brings a direct C2B communication from the initial stage.
Yelo: Imagine a merchant has a creative and qualitative product but freezing without a potential customers. The application provides a hassle free platform for such individuals. It is a self-decorative platform for merchants where they can build their own store online and sell the product on a global scale.
The Journey of Innovation
Click Labs began as the abetter for mobile marketing services in February 2011. The Service Industry evolutions were clueing about the mainstream use of smartphone in internet of services, during the initial period of the company. Thus, the company leveraged in technology driven market and enlightened the sector. The adaptive owners of the company channelized the B2B market interests of modern entrepreneurs and, developed an innovative on-demand software solution. Click Labs has empowered more than 1000 clients across the globe including popular applications like Jugnoo, Iggbo, CapitalOne, John Lewis, Reliance, Coca Cola, Mini Luxe, Practo, Revv, ChefV, HelloDhobi etc.
The Platform-er
Click Labs has been a  platform provider for young innovative minds and the chief contributor for a global brand is its CEO, Samar Singla. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and University of Maryland. A multi skilled entrepreneur initially worked as a Researcher for IBM and as a Scientist for CERN, then before returning to India. Soon after his return, he created DDGS feed company, Prodigy Foods which is the top poultry feed, providing company of India. The ambitious entrepreneur further focused on technological advancements and sold majority stakes in Prodigy to enter in service industry, and that is how Click Labs was born.
The Secrets behind Ace
In the global market, Click Labs is widely known as the unequivocal mobility solution provider. It has catered to enormous enterprises and entrepreneurs with grade technology solutions which has resulted in grand  acquisition. Click Labs has relied on some major principles while providing the solutions to the business idea. It emphasises on Ideation (ability of idea to resolve a concern problem), Validations (customer engagement ability), Efficiency and Scale of the idea (growth chances). The disciplined approach has helped the organization to construct adept marketing team that caters with on demand B2B mobile services. The company offers fairly customized products as per client demand. The flexibility and adaptability of such solutions is subtle in market.
However, according to the management,  building and managing a young team has been the greatest challenge. At the initial stages, the company hired many young individuals, and accorded them with professional training but having control on the ignited young minds in order to channelize them was a tough task. The innovative scripts, web designs and enthusiasm of the young talent are the key factors behind real time precise solutions. Many of the global leaders have acknowledged the fast paced, visionary performance of the company. The popular Research and Review App listed Click Labs in Top Software Developers. It has also featured in CEO magazine’s Top Companies of the year 2016 and in, Promising 25 mobility solution providers list of Outloook magazine.
The Further Expansions
Click Labs has been a dominant software platform for several Indian enterprises, planning to create an information conglomerate for the country.  With this the company is willing to conceive a revolutionary change in industrial infrastructure. The Chinese Giant Tencent and South Africa based Naspers adopted such infrastructural technique and the countries witnessed fruitful impacts. Thus, a creation of information conglomerate in India is an inevitable idea that Click Labs aims to turn it into reality.

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