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Inbox overload is a global concern.
Is your inbox full of unwanted emails?
If you want to get relief from unwanted & junk emails, is the best solution one can find in today’s complicated market.

“Unroll.Me aims to change the vision of end users and their ways of interacting with mailbox application. Allowing users to flexibly navigate and customize the emails that come into their inbox.

E-mail management service that helps in making quick unsubscribes and loads of message and mailbox from different businesses to digest email on daily basis, Unroll.Me app has already grown into one of the most user-friendly mobile apps, with its user base now topping 7 million. New services like these seem to be a concern for current service providers, but there can be few reasons which will be fruitful for them and mitigate their risks:

  1. The unsubscribe option stimulates risky inactive and disconnect subscribers to opt out, avoiding eventual spam complaints and letting service providers focus on their active subscribers.
  2. Its daily digest email is similar to Gmail’s Promotions tab, which has had a positive effect on brands’ engaged subscribers
  3. New services and investments in the email channel are a positive sign of health for our dynamic, growing industry.
  4. In addition, the Rollup can help marketers reach passive users, Hedaya says, such as those who like a product, service or company, but don’t actively engage

Time, day and date can be minimized according to satisfaction, whenever anyone willing to receive “roll-up”. Over the weekends, whether day or night – it’s all up to you only. is a very classy, handy and very efficient tool that really does what it’s supposed to do – clear unwanted traffic from your mailbox.

A team of highly qualified and energetic individuals are responsible for this app development who constantly try to gear up their game and give you a product that will truly solve some of your problems.
– Pooja Bansal