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Citrus Informatics: Defining a New Era of Software Development

With the market always clamouring for solution differentiators, organizations are racing against time trying to push innovative and niche solutions to the market. With its simple ideology of creative thinking combined with the use of cutting-edge technologies, Citrus Informatics established in the year 2010, caters to the needs of the international IT market by providing high quality, reliable and affordable solutions that are delivered on time.
Citrus Informatics offers IT consultation and software development services to a wide variety of clients from USA and Middle East in the project management, healthcare, logistics, educational, non-profit, broadcasting, litigation support, manufacturing, energy, healthcare networking, risk management and real estate space.
Well-defined processes and best practices combined with technical expertise have helped Citrus Informatics develop innovative and robust solutions pertaining to the highest quality standards. Timely deliveries of projects requiring little or no maintenance has made Citrus Informatics a partner of choice for more than twenty-five customers around the globe.
Wide Array of Unique Services
With expertise in providing solutions for healthcare, cold chain, logistics, real-estate, non- profit and e-commerce domains, Citrus Informatics is familiar with the standards, protocols and regulations applicable in each of these spaces. This kind of knowledge cannot be taught but it can only be learned through practical experience working closely with people in these spaces, making Citrus Informatics, an even more valuable organization.
The company provides a wide array of management and engineering services including IT Consulting, Project Management, Technology Management, Product Management & Engineering, Architecture, Application/Solution Development, Mobile Apps, Database Design and Administration, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, UX Design, Testing and Quality Assurance, as well as Digital Marketing.
Citrus Informatics is proficient in multifunctional and multiple technology solutions and has in-depth experience in integrating third party APIs, applications, solutions, services and Social Networking platforms.
Secrets behind the Flourishing Success
Honesty, Customer Focus and Technology Expertise are the key factors behind our success”, asserts Sarji, the CEO. “We just don’t create a one size fits all solution. Every solution is tailored based on the requirements of the customer”, he continues.
Staying on top of the latest technologies has always been a part of the Citrus culture. This allows them to harness its power to enable the clients to seize opportunities and respond to change with agility. Citrus Informatics considers human resources and knowledge as its primary assets. Citrus aims at adapting to the changing customer requirements while providing high quality, reliable and affordable solutions that are delivered on time thereby bringing value to every solution they deliver.
Services Customers Count on
Reliable service and project deliveries are the reasons the customers always count on Citrus Informatics. The processes, methodologies, and tools that are used as part of the integrated project management approach result in better quality products. This coupled with robust frameworks and components ensures reduced cycle times, fast product delivery, lower cost of ownership, better risk mitigation, faster return on investment and quicker time to market. Despite outsourcing, clients have complete flexibility and control in every stage of product development.
A Leader with Umpteen Potential
Sarji, the Founder and CEO of Citrus Informatics has been instrumental in the growth of the company. A leader, entrepreneur and an influential manager, Sarji brings to Citrus Informatics more than 22 years of IT industry experience from USA and India. He has diverse experience of spearheading large IT Divisions spanning Program & Project Management, Infrastructure & Operations Management, People Management, Research, Product Development & Engineering, Technology management, Application development, Information security and Quality Management across a broad spectrum of verticals in the IT industry in USA and India.
Apart from serving Citrus Informatics, Sarji plays different roles for organizations in the USA. The roles include: Offshore In Charge for TCTI Inc since 2009, Offshore Head for Netspective Communications LLC since 2010, Board Member & Senior Technology Consultant for Alim Foundation since 2010, and IT Advisory for RGB Broadcasting Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd, since 2010.
Prior to his stint at Citrus Informatics, Sarji has played key roles for many organizations including Atinav LLC and Avenir Inc in India and USA as Senior Vice President- Technology. He has also served as Head of Project & Operations at UCI Technology Private Limited (Software R&D Division of Trading Room Technologies, USA).
On the educational front, Sarji holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Engineering, PG Diploma in Software Marketing, and an MBA in Operations Management.
What the Future Holds
The company will continue to bring value to its service sector but will also aim to move to a strategy to fulfil the market needs with their own products and solutions.
In the future, we would like to have our own products which we believe can make a difference to the people and the marketplace. We plan to identify niche areas and build products which can solve specific business needs and are needed for the global IT market.
Eventually, we would like to have our revenue coming mainly from our products,” Sarji concludes.