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CIALFO Solutions: Striving to Change the Sporting Industry

CIALFO Solutions was conceived in 2015 with a mission to bring sports and technology together at the grassroots level. The company is on a constant quest to change the sports landscape by digitizing every aspect of playing, training and competitions.
CIALFO’s Sports Technology platform connects stakeholders and enables Information Access, facilitates Management & Interactions, and helps in Tracking & Measuring Performance. These tools help training centers manage their athletes in an efficient and transparent manner.
Through the platform, coaches can collaborate with their teams, individual players or other experts and track the training and progress of each athlete. The athletes can keep track of their performance, get information about various aspects of their sport and interact with other athletes, coaches and experts.
Rising Above the Competition
CIALFO has been at the forefront of developing solutions for the sporting industry. With its SwimIndia product, the company began providing value to the small but rapidly-growing swimming community in India. Thus far, is the only platform of its kind for swimmers in the country.
CIALFO has partnered with state swimming associations and the Swimming Federation of India to help them digitize state-level and national-level aquatic championships. It has also managed to establish direct relationships with various stake holders, leading to an interconnected network unlike any other at this level.
As a leading sports solution provider, CIALFO continues to provide innovative solutions of great value for both athletes and management staff.
Then and Now
“The journey has so far been exciting. The team and I have personally seen the value we have been able to provide to the sports community.  Initially, it was a hard-fought struggle to convince the various stakeholders of the value of the technology in sports at the grassroots level. We had to travel the length and breadth of the country attending various schools, and district-, state-, zone- and national-level competitions. Whether it was Nyveli or New Delhi, Pune or Shikaripura, we have been there and have changed the mindset of people. Those who initially said, “Technology is a waste in sports,” or, “Technology is trouble,” are now giving positive responses like, “Its great what SwimIndia has been doing,” or, “We appreciate the value SwimIndia brings to the competitions,” recalls Venkata Rachur, The Founder and CEO of CIALFO.
The SwimIndia technology platform is the first of its kind developed exclusively for the swimming community in India. It connects swimmers, coaches, parents, swimming centers, associations, federations, brands and stakeholders.
SwimIndia has cemented itself at the leadership position of digital sports management in India in a very short span of time. This has established CIALFO as a pioneering sports solution provider. The numbers so far have been staggering:

  • 15,000 registered users and counting
  • Over 6,000 mobile application downloads
  • 2million+ online page views
  • A massive follower base of over 65,000 on Facebook

The Spark and the Fire
After working for over two decades with Oracle in India and the US, Venkata Rachur, a highly-motivated engineer and sports addict, was often faced with the questions ‘Where am I?’ and ‘What do I do next?’ This question led him to impulsively quit his job at Oracle in pursuit of a more meaningful life and career.
The turning point came in the form of a gap which he identified in sports, specifically in swimming. While at his 12-year-old son’s swimming classes, Venkata came to see the various issues and problems prevalent in the management of the sport.
From the lack of real-time results, workout logs, updates on upcoming competitions, and performance comparison, to information on nutrition and dietary requirements, Venkata realized the need for a complete overhaul.
His solution to all these problems was a single platform, SwimIndia.
Diving into the Future
CIALFO’s value lies in bringing technology to the grassroots level of sports. Within the short span of its operations, the company has been able to change people’s mindsets. It now partners with leading companies to provide timing systems (touchpads) and has been able to completely digitize the competition from registration to results.
Moving ahead, CIALFO plans to expand its offerings into multiple sporting fields. The company will build integration with devices including wearable and timing systems to capture vital data.
CIALFO plans to use Big Data, AI and Analytics to help users in performance tracking and analytics through its solutions.
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