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China to strengthen global cooperation in COVID-19 vaccine trials

The Science and Technology Minister said on Sunday that China will improve international collaboration on the forthcoming clinical vaccine studies of COVID-19.
The Chinese researchers are conducting five separate human clinical trials or half of all such trials worldwide, according to data gathered by the World Health Organization, in a global battle to develop a vaccine for the new epidemic that began in their main town of Wuhan.
Last month, President Xi Jinping vowed at a World Health Assembly (WHO) to ensure vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries to become “a global public good” for Chinese vaccines when they are ready for use.
The Government is urging global cooperation, saying the international community is supposed to resist the finger-pointing and politicizing the virus in a white paper unveiled at a News Conference by the State Council Information Office. It named no place.
According to the white paper, as early as Jan. 4, the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention had telephoned his US counterpart on the virus.
The Chinese government stated in its White Paper that by the end of May, the medical cost of all patients with coronavirus in China had been $191 million.
For the next two years, President Xi promised 2 billion dollars of financial support to help deal with COVID-19, in particular, to support developing countries.