Children And Business: Combining the Incompatible

After the birth of a child, many women understand that they want to give their children more than they have now. Awareness of this makes women turn from ordinary housewives into successful businesswomen.
However, everything has its price. Those who have already implemented their business idea know that a startup requires a lot of effort, sometimes even more than it takes to give birth and raise children.
For this reason, all business leaders have to face a dilemma – a startup or a child! Which decision will be made depends on the set of priorities. Although, as it turns out in practice, some women still manage to find the golden mean. The result of their intelligence and wisdom is self-sufficiency, financial independence, and preservation of family values!

We combine the incompatible

These are the typical manners of a person who cares about work more than his family.

  • The pleasure of work is accompanied by the reproaches of conscience.
  • Listening to the grievances of close people – feels guilty for not spending much time with the family.
  • When she finds herself at home, she continues to think about working issues and again blames herself for this.
  • On vacation, constantly answers the phone calls of colleagues, which causes irritation at home, and misses the opportunity to distract.

The main assistant to the business and an active mother is time management. The main thing here is to find the right balance. Only very self-organized individuals, who plan their time as carefully and economically as possible, can reach it.
When creating a schedule, a businesswoman, who is also a mother, should take into account not only planned tasks, but also force majeure situations. Her schedule should remain flexible. So, for example, a successful in business and loving mother will always leave a reserve of time in case the kid gets sick or needs help at school. Traditionally, the schedule of such “universal” moms divides the day into two parts – productive work and pastime with children.

What is more important – business or family?

Every normal woman always has family in the first place. However, one cannot deny the fact that in modern society, in most cases, the work of only one member is not enough for the financial solvency of a family. For this reason, women are increasingly deciding to engage in commercial “amateur activities”.
In order for family and business affairs to be equally successful, it is important not to neglect either side of their lives. Thus, after the completion of one project or the implementation of a business plan, one should not rush to grab onto the other. It is important to devote several days to your family and friends. Remind them of your love, care and affection. If a woman is often forced to go on business trips at work, we can consider these circumstances as another reason to go on a trip with her family. After productive work in the afternoon, you can spend the evening walking with your family to local attractions.

The success of business moms

The main key to achieving a balance between business and family, many successful women call the ability to switch from work problems to family and friends. Perception of the situation here and now is the basis of competence as a woman, as a manager, a businessman, a mother, etc.

The help of third parties

Other family members (grandmothers) or third parties – nannies, housekeepers – can make family life easier for business moms. They can be responsible for cleaning, cooking, laundry or accompanying children to kindergarten, school, creative activities, etc.

Childrens time

When setting priorities between business and family, and planning your daily schedule, it is important to allocate so-called inviolable time for children. It is important to spend these hours and minutes together with the child, without distractions for homework and tasks. Such time can be family breakfast and dinner, joint morning walks to school or evening storytelling. In addition, you will have more free time you help your child with his homework. To do this just visit:


Keep up with important meetings, look good, go out with your child, etc. all this requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You can understand this by asking any successful business lady a question: “And when do you have time for everything? The answer will follow immediately and will be about the following: “I get up early, work hard and do not allow the thought of laziness! It is difficult enough, but it is worth it! Especially, if you want it…”.


Pay attention to the fact that you have time, and do not forget to praise yourself for it. Enjoy your work – competence, creative ideas, success and rewards of all kinds. But when you come home, enjoy your family. No one knows how to make your signature cake better than you, no one will calm the crying baby so quickly, no one will find the best words of support and gratitude for her husband.
Do not poison your life with blame – look at the joy of self-realization. In all areas of your life.

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