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Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo – Editor-in-Chief

Chidiebere Moses is the Editor-in-Chief of Insights Success and its Magazines. Chidiebere is accountable for the brand representation, and media outlook through the quality editorial, and digital content presentation on all platforms, working with expert editors and content writers, as well as the company’s talented creative designers, professional contributor network, sales, and innovative management team. 

Through his support, Insights Success is experiencing significant growth, expanding its global presence, and amassing a great pool of credible clientele in both the offline and digital media spaces. Amongst various awards, Insights Success is continuously ranking in the top 20 Best Business Solution Magazines. 

Chidiebere Moses began his journey with Insights Success in 2017 as a Content Writer –where he coined the term, “Internet-of-Content-Things,” right after his final Degree exams, wherein he graduated with a First-Class Honours in Bachelor of Computer Application and English Language. The Best Graduating Student 2017, and won a Scholarship award as, “Top #5 Scholar@SAP 2017”. At Insights Success, Chidiebere Moses went ahead to become the Customer Relationship Executive, a promotion that came after his first 3 months with the company; an opportunity that allowed him to interact directly with the clients, empathetically and professionally, to listen, understand and resolve all their queries. Simultaneously, he served as the Assistant Manager, Training & Development of the in-house team. 

Chidiebere Moses also took part in sales, where he closed and published the magazine edition; The 10 Most Successful Companies to Watch 2018. This changed his career path in a positive way and, since that time, his accumulated experiences have helped the magazine to reach peak levels of readership. Since returning to Insights Success in 2022 as Customer Relationship Manager on April 26th, 2022, he developed some of Insights Success’s most successful publications under its subsidiary healthcare magazine, “Insights Care Magazine,” where he published InsightsCare’s 10 Best Performing Hospitals of 2022, which saw the participation of the most diverse and inclusive healthcare companies and eminent leaders; from Asia to Africa, to the USA, Europe, Middle East, and South America. 

Chidiebere Moses was promoted to Editor-in-Chief on December 21st, 2022 with effect on January 1st, 2023. Prior to joining Insights Success Magazine, Chidiebere Moses worked with great minds as Manager of Outgoing Expats (OGE) at AIESEC, Member of the Board of Directors, Brand Ambassador, Client Partner, Manager, and Consultant/Councilor for several credible firms in diverse industries including, Education, Healthcare, Mining, Oil & Gas, Marine Logistics, Agro-allied, and Import & Export. He is a leader with great records; a multi-Year successful Students Organizations President and Secretary. Certified in Lead Generation –Email Writing– that converts great sales, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Project Management, and Cyber Security. 

As the Editor in Chief at Insights Success Magazine, He is Editing, Ideating, Interviewing Clients and Contributing occasionally.  

Interview With Insights Success Magazine with hon’ble personalities & companies –  

  1. Gilead Sciences: Sandrine Piret-Gerard – Senior Vice President, US Commercial 
  1. RSM US LLP: Ronald Beck – Principal (Director) 
  1. Private Investment Club Corp Canada: Sunil Tulsiani (The Wealthy Corp),  
  1. Sneh World: Dr. Sneh Desai (Top Life and Transformational Coach) 
  1. Dr. Ameet Parekh (The Business Success Coach)  
  1. Aster DM Healthcare: Brandon Rowberry – CEO Digital Health 
  1. H E. Amb. Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy – “Education4Children” and MRS. UAE UNITED NATIONS 

He is passionate about helping personalities and organizations to Engineer Sustainable Growth through Brand Discovery & Positioning, 10xGrowth Research, Analysis, & Due Diligence. To understand new markets, adapt, and take the leading position regardless of the competition by doing these five things; 

  1. Making Your Brand Popular and Admirable. 
  1. Writing and Sharing Your Success Stories. 
  1. Designing Your Digital Portfolio and Great Outlook. 
  1. Amplifying Your Work and Enhancing Your Voice. 
  1. Media Validation for Your Personality and Brand. 

Chidiebere Moses is the Author of “The Final Destination – Where will it end?” a short storybook that makes you think about today’s actions as propellers for tomorrow’s outcomes. It is a must-read. A Self-Starter and Technology Enthusiast, a Spontaneous Content Writer, and Critical Editor; is what he enjoys doing. 

Also, He is knowledgeable and experienced in: 

  1. Customer Relationship Management systems, 
  2. Lead Generation & Technical Market Analysis, 
  3. IT Business Outsourcing, Operations, & Consulting. 
  4. People Management and Leadership. 
  5. Business Sustainability Studies. 
  6. Financial Risk Assessment. 
  7. Healthcare Consultancy. 

Chidiebere Moses is fondly called the Technology Prophet, due to his foresight and expert ability to understand the future of several industries, through his intuitive and tech-enabled research abilities, coupled with his experiences and willingness to take learning risks. Chidiebere Moses believes that while the future holds a lot of challenging opportunities, He is ready and willing to explore with the tide; Always Positive and Optimistic.