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Chasse Consulting: Perfect Strategy & Execution for Global Business Solutions

Focused on developing end-to-end sales solutions encompassing content, tools, training, and technology, Chasse Consulting is making solutions actionable for clients. While defining an organization’s sales strategy, Chasse Consulting maps it to the mission and goals of the company—ensuring cross-departmental alignment as well—along with the means to propel that strategy towards success. A diverse team of writers, designers, and creative-thinkers make up Chasse Consulting, all of whom revel at the prospect of helping clients solve their biggest business challenges through creative and unique approaches.
Top Class Sales Performance Advisory Services
Chasse Consulting is a leading provider of sales performance advisory services, partnering with the world’s leading organizations to generate, execute, and bring to market inventive sales solutions that improve selling performance and increase revenue. They know that revenue performance is directly linked to the strategy an organization has in place. Together with their in-house translation team, they engineer global business solutions spanning numerous technology platforms and media with the capability of reaching any audience, anywhere.
Committed to delivering end-to-end sales performance solutions, Chasse Consulting enables their customers to address their toughest business obstacles so they can continue to compete and thrive into the future. Throughout numerous industries—from high-tech, to office retail, to hospitality, to oil and gas—their customers have seen benefits ranging from increased revenues to more efficient work streams achieved through a partnership with Chasse Consulting, highlighting one client who saw a 400% increase in net new sales over two quarters.
Beverly Chasse, Founder and CEO of Chasse Consulting, a passionista for sales and bold thinking, implements her 30-year industry experience to advise companies in the areas of enterprise sales, enablement strategy, professional training and development, global events, digital enterprise solutions, mobile technology, and end-to-end sales experiences.
Since 2002, Beverly has led her award-winning company recognized for accolades such as the RecognizeGood Foundation’s Ethics in Business and Community Award and Austin Business Journal’s “Best Place to Work” three years running. When not aiding Fortune 500 companies increase revenue by outlining and implementing sales strategies tailored to global audiences, Beverly participates in various local and national philanthropic efforts as well as international goodwill mission trips promoting causes such as health living, sustainability, and water purification. In 2016, she plans to take this focus on mission further with the launch of the company’s new cause-focused app: #KickAss4Good.
Soon to be launched, #KickAss4Good is seeking to enable everyone to contribute to their community without necessarily having to donate money to do so. KickAss4Good will issue fun and immersive challenges to the users which, once completed, will result in Karma Points that users can apply to a cause or charity close to them.  At the end of each point period leading charities with the most points will be recognized for greater awareness. Delving into the mobile app environment, Chasse Consulting is excited to venture on an endeavor that allows them to extend their philanthropic mission to a larger audience.