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Champagne Soda: A Global Disruptor in the Realm of Real Estate

Digital disruption is the new buzzword that has gained popularity with the rise of Virtual and Augmented Reality. In true sense of the term, VR and AR have disrupted the traditional formula of the world, changing our way of living with its smart appearance in almost every aspect of our life and society. Like all other industries, virtual reality has made its way into the global real estate market as well.
Champagne Soda is Australia’s leading Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing Firm working in partnership with Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Project Marketing Agents and Architects to add value to the design and development of any project. With the use of virtual and augmented reality technology, the company enables property developers a unique selling tool to offer their potential buyers an amazing experience. With the help of this technology, a prospective buyer can view and walkthrough any property virtually, at any time, from anywhere in the world. This smart service can build up the confidence in the end buyer and reassure them, so that purchasing property off the plan becomes faster and more effective than ever before.
The Passionate and Enthusiastic Leader
Brooke Smith is the Co-Founder and CEO of Champagne Soda. Brooke has given her fascination and passion for Real Estate a new dimension, transforming them into a global disruptor. She tried to visualize how her next investment property would look like prior to build and this was what eventually led to the creation of Champagne Soda.
Unable to comprehend or understand dimensions from a floor map and given some color swatches to go off, she began to research how she could develop a way to view any property, from anywhere in the world at any time prior to construction.
Brooke applied her creative vibes to pave a way that leads to an immersive buying experience through virtual reality. Champagne soda allows the buyer to visually experience how the buyer’s future purchase will look like, while making it easier to customize the interior- the wall colors, the designs, decorations, and even can choose the furniture as per their own choice.
The Unique Qualities and Services
Quality is in fact the element that sets the company apart from its competitors. From the time of its initiation, the company wanted to represent the market. It was the time when the market and the technology themselves were not up to the standard. As the technology improved and evolved with time, the leadership was finally in a position where they could decide to launch Champagne Soda and be proud of the intricate detail they were finally able to create with VR.
Challenges along the Way
AR/VR being a new technology in the Real Estate Industry, educating the industry about the technology and its benefits, has been proved to be a major challenge for the team from the time of its establishment.
Champagne Soda wants to excel in the real estate industry with the help of this technology. The leaders have a firm belief that they possess all the positive vibes to make those waves occur.
 “The improvement we are seeing with VR/AR is the tech itself. With new headsets coming onto the market with higher resolution, cable free and easier to use it’s a joy to be able to evolve as the tech does”, asserts Brooke.
A Disruption worth Embracing
The company came into existence with an aim of disrupting the industry. The leaders want to change the way people buy property with the smart usage of virtual and augmented reality technology.  In addition to saving time and money of clients, it helps the clients by increasing efficiency and engagement, shortening property cycles, cutting marketing budgets, helping agents winning more listings and decreasing barriers to sale for off-plan properties.
Maintaining an Employee friendly Environment
Regular ideation sessions are conducted for every employee in the business which helps the entire team to stay motivated and be at their creative best. This allows everyone in the organization to have a voice of their own and to explore opportunities that might never have been looked at if this process was left solely to the leaders.
Future Perspective
Currently, the company has its presence in Australia and Europe. However, the ambitious team is planning to expand the business into the U.S in near future. Champagne Soda is also looking forward to explore other sectors with its virtual reality technology such as VR Travel and the team is working on some projects currently in this space.